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Huge dust storms in Australia hit central New South Wales

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2020/01/19 - 3:43pm

Videos posted to social media show the clouds turning day into night in some areas

Damaging winds produced by thunderstorms across central New South Wales have whipped up dust storms that turned daytime into night in some towns.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued a series of severe thunderstorm warnings on Sunday evening for inland NSW with the associated winds generating massive dust clouds.

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American Firefighters Battle Australian Blazes

NPR News - Environment - Sun, 2020/01/19 - 3:17pm

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Joel Kerley, an American helicopter pilot and wildfire manager who has been fighting the wildfires in Australia.

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'You Need To Act Now': Meet 4 Girls Working To Save The Warming World

NPR News - Environment - Sun, 2020/01/19 - 5:00am

"When we organize, we model the world we want to see," says teenager Xiye Bastida. Activist girls like Bastida have been especially visible in the fight against climate change.

(Image credit: LA Johnson/NPR)

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Tanzania to relocate 36 Serengeti lions after attacks on humans and cattle

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2020/01/18 - 7:16pm

The lions, which live on the edge of the national park, will be moved to avoid conflicts with people and livestock

Tanzania will find a new home for 36 lions following a slew of attacks by the big cats on people and cattle.

The lions, an increasingly endangered species, live on the edge of the safari mecca of the Serengeti national park, but have been affected by encroaching human activity.

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Maine's giant spinning ice disc looks like it's reforming

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2020/01/18 - 6:46pm

A year after a 90 metre-wide spinning sheet of ice drew global attention, another disc appears to be forming in the same river

What goes around comes around.

An ice disc appears to be forming in the same Maine river where an unusually large one formed last winter and quickly gained international fame.

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Almost ready...

The Field Lab - Sat, 2020/01/18 - 2:46pm
to test the Casita shower... 52,67,42,0,B
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Bushfire-destroyed homes should not be rebuilt in riskiest areas, experts say

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2020/01/18 - 12:00pm

Planning experts call for state governments to buy back land from people in most bushfire-prone areas

State governments have been warned against promising to recreate some communities destroyed by the bushfire crisis and urged to consider preventing homeowners from rebuilding their homes in the riskiest areas.

Three planning experts, including two who appeared on a planning panel convened for the Victorian Black Saturday royal commission, told Guardian Australia to avoid repeating what they considered the mistakes of past bushfire recoveries.

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Rain Brings New Worries To Burned Areas In Australia

NPR News - Environment - Sat, 2020/01/18 - 5:55am

Rain is coming to parts of Australia that have burned, flooding some areas, damaging the vegetation and increasing the risk of landslides.

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Elk Raise Tensions Between Tribes And Farmers In Washington's Skagit Valley

NPR News - Environment - Sat, 2020/01/18 - 5:00am

In Washington state's Skagit Valley, a conflict is unfolding between Native Americans and farmers. Elk are making a comeback there. Local tribes are thrilled, but the agriculture industry is not.

(Image credit: Megan Farmer/KUOW)

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Beetles and fire kill dozens of 'indestructible' giant sequoia trees

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2020/01/18 - 2:00am

Deadly interaction between insects, drought and fire damage have forced California’s park officials to trigger climate crisis plans intended for the 2050s

Giant sequoia trees, the largest living organisms on the planet – some more than three millennia old – have started dying from beetle attacks linked to the climate emergency, the preliminary findings of a new study have revealed.

The deaths of the trees, some of which lived through the rise and fall of hundreds of empires, caliphates and kingdoms – not to mention the inauguration of every US president – have shocked researchers in their speed and novelty.

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'This is not how sequoias die. It’s supposed to stand for another 500 years'

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2020/01/18 - 2:00am

Giant sequoias were thought to be immune to insects, drought and wildfires. Then the unthinkable happened: trees started to die – and scientists began the search for answers

Photographs by Mette Lampcov

The fable of the giant sequoia tree is an enduring tale of America’s fortitude. Standing quietly on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada, the Californian giants can survive almost anything – fire, disease, insect attack, cold years, hot years, drought – so the story goes.

The largest living organisms on the planet can grow over 90 metres (300ft) tall. When they do die after 3,000 years or so, the oldest trees, known as monarchs, usually succumb to their own size and collapse. Their giant trunks will rest on the forest floor for another millennium.

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Kids' Climate Case 'Reluctantly' Dismissed By Appeals Court

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2020/01/17 - 6:04pm

The court said the nearly two dozen young people who were trying to force action by the government on climate change did not have standing to sue. The judges said climate change is a political issue.

(Image credit: Wilfredo Lee/AP)

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Hundreds of thousands of fish dead in NSW as bushfire ash washed into river

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2020/01/17 - 4:29pm

Ecologist fears the Macleay River may take decades to recover, with heavy rains likely to affect other waterways

Hundreds of thousands of native fish are estimated to have died in northern New South Wales after rains washed ash and sludge from bushfires into the Macleay River.

Parts of the Macleay River – favoured by recreational fishers – have been turned into what locals described as “runny cake mix” that stank of rotting vegetation and dead fish.

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Javier and friends...

The Field Lab - Fri, 2020/01/17 - 4:10pm

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Youth activists lose appeal in landmark lawsuit against US over climate crisis

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2020/01/17 - 3:05pm

Court confirms government’s contribution to the issue, but judges find they lack power to enforce climate policy decisions

The ninth circuit court of appeals ordered dismissal of a lawsuit brought by 21 youth plaintiffs against the federal government over climate crisis, citing concerns about separation of powers.

The case was brought against the government in 2015, charging that it sanctioned, permitted and authorized a fossil fuel system that compromised the youth plaintiffs’ civil right to property. It implied a constitutional right to a stable climate, and alleged that the government violated the public trust by failing to protect assets held in trust, notably the atmosphere.

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The week in wildlife - in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2020/01/17 - 1:26pm

The pick of the best flora and fauna photos from around the world, including an iguana and an injured leopard

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Sadiq Khan vows to make London carbon-neutral by 2030 if re-elected

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2020/01/17 - 1:00pm

Mayor’s pledge on air pollution to form part of vision for green new deal for London

Sadiq Khan will promise to put London on a par with Scandinavian capitals by making it a carbon-neutral city by 2030 if he is re-elected as mayor of the capital later this year.

The Labour politician’s pledge to tackle air pollution forms part of his first major pitch to voters in the upcoming mayoral race, in which he will go up against Conservative, Lib Dem, Green and independent rivals.

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Cost of policing COP26 in Glasgow 'could exceed £200m'

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2020/01/17 - 7:53am

Head of Police Scotland says UN climate gathering will mean ‘acute operational demands’

The cost of policing the UN climate conference in Glasgow this November could exceed £200m, according to Scotland’s chief constable, who said it was “fanciful” to suggest that hosting one of the largest events ever staged in the UK would not have an impact on the wider community.

Iain Livingstone, the head of Police Scotland, told a board meeting of the Scottish Police Authority on Friday that accommodation for officers alone – many of whom will be drafted from forces in England and Wales – could cost “tens of millions”.

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Trump has savaged the environment. The planet cannot afford a second term | Ross Barkan

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2020/01/17 - 4:15am

The president just launched one of his most grievous attacks on the environment yet. Democrats must recognize the stakes

What are the consequences of a second term of Donald Trump? To even consider the question sends the left-leaning mind into a paroxysm. Everything from nuclear war to the utter collapse of American democracy looms large in the imaginations of otherwise sober-minded people.

Related: Warren and Sanders appear to move on following debate tensions – live

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Activists warn of ‘fracking by stealth’ and call for acid fracking ban

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2020/01/16 - 11:09pm

Fears grow companies may use it to get around temporary fracking moratorium

Campaigners have warned that the fracking moratorium announced by the UK government does not apply to acid fracking, a process that involves injecting acid into the earth to dissolve and fracture rock.

More than 500 academics, politicians and campaigners have signed an open letter initiated by Brockham Oil Watch calling on the government to ban the practice over fears companies may use it to get around the moratorium.

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