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Spain clears oil exploration off Canary Islands

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2014/08/14 - 5:01am

Green groups say they will appeal industry ministry decision to grant energy company Repsol three-year drilling license

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Tibet's glaciers at their warmest in 2,000 years, report says

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2014/08/14 - 3:02am

Glacier retreat could disrupt water supply to Asias main rivers including Yellow, Yangtze, Brahmaputra, Mekong and Salween

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Tony Abbott adviser warns of threat of 'global cooling'

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2014/08/14 - 1:02am

Opponents label comments terrifying after Maurice Newman writes opinion piece in the Australian newspaper

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Environment minister Greg Hunt admits Great Barrier Reef is in trouble

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2014/08/13 - 10:53pm

Australias environment minister says the reefs health has some real negatives following the release of a new report

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The Field Lab - Wed, 2014/08/13 - 5:36pm

Decided to restring the cage quarter section that got damaged when I flubbed my first PPG launch.  Luckily I found a diagram for the pattern.  Ended up being a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Ordered a couple other spare bits along with a little wire fishing tool to pull the string through the frame.  86,98,70, .04",B
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An urban oasis

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2014/08/13 - 1:00pm
Lower Ouseburn valley, Newcastle: Traffic growled overhead, but here was a fragile insect of exquisite beauty, in what was once one of the most polluted parts of the city Continue reading...
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Greek farmers hit hard by Russian sanctions against EU produce

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2014/08/13 - 10:16am
Truckloads of fruit left rotting after being turned away from border as farmers demand special exemption from sanctions or compensation Continue reading...
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Fracking's impact on wildlife remains unknown, study finds

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2014/08/13 - 6:21am

Lack of data on pollution and habitat loss makes it hard to gauge wider effect of shale gas development in North America

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Mount Polley mine spill: a hazard of Canada's industry-friendly attitude?

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2014/08/13 - 6:00am

A dam at a waste pond on the site of a British Columbia mine burst last week, releasing 4.5m cubic meters of potentially toxic slurry into virtually untouched forest

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Global warming is moistening the atmosphere

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2014/08/13 - 6:00am

Human-caused global warming is causing the upper troposphere to become wetter

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just enough

The Field Lab - Tue, 2014/08/12 - 6:42pm

Had a brief rain in just the right spot this afternoon.  The creek ran and I sucked up another 2000 gallons - the creek tanks are full now (7500 gallons).  80,98,74, .30",B
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Iowa's Corn Farmers Learn To Adapt To Weather Extremes

NPR News - Environment - Tue, 2014/08/12 - 2:17pm

Studies warn that climate change will threaten corn production in coming decades. Meanwhile, farmers are experimenting with new planting methods in hopes of slowing soil erosion from torrential rains.

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The Zucchini with Ribs

Deborah Madison - Tue, 2014/08/12 - 2:01pm

Costata Romanesco zucchini, whole and sliced.

Costata Romanesco is hands down my favorite zucchini.

I know that might sound strange, for zucchini isn’t the most interesting, vibrant, or glamorous of vegetables. Plus everyone likes to complain about how they have just way too much of it. I say to those lucky complainers, “You don’t have squash bugs, for if you did, you’d treasure each and every squash and blossom!” For some of us, the effort to grow zucchini means encounters with hoards of creepy grey bugs and the inevitable early death of one’s struggling plants. So if I’m going to open myself to squash bugs and anxiety over the early demise of my summer squash, then I’m going to grow a zucchini I get excited about.  And Costata Romanesco is it.

There are three things that are special about this old variety. Each squash has ribs, the ridges that run along the long body of each one. A little hard to capture in a photo until you slice them, then you can see them as the ruffled, sculptured edges of each round of squash. I think they look wonderfully fetching and are truly so when a mass of the rounds is jumbled together. It doesn’t matter whether you steam or sauté them, either, because they will taste good.

Another virtue of the Costata Romanesco is its density. Somehow, this variety is less watery and the texture more firm, which makes it a much more satisfying summer squash to eat than others.  Add to that the flavor, and you’re home. The flavor is, well, simply more squash-like. Some describe it as nutty. I think of it as down-to-earth. In any case,  it’s there, and it has real taste, which cannot always be said of more modern squash.

The Costata (meaning ribs) is an Italian heirloom. Lots of companies stock seed packets for this gem. (Johnny’s, High Mowing Organic Seeds, Sustainable Seed Company, Fedco).  Like many heirlooms, it doesn’t always produce as heavily as other zucchini, but the plants are big and robust and if you don’t want a glut of zucchini, why not choose the best and go with what it produces? Actually, I’ve always found that mine make plenty.

And one squash makes a a fast and neat little lunch for one.


A One-Zucchino Lunch for One

Time required: about 4 minutes

1 7-inch Costata Romanesco squash

Sea salt

Good olive oil

Fresh herb, such as dill, basil, marjoram

Pine nuts

Freshly ground pepper

Lemon if you wish


Slice the squash crosswise  into rounds about ¼ inch thick or a little more if you like it heftier.

Steam over boiling water for about 3 minutes —taste to make sure it’s done enough for you.

Turn it out onto a plate or better, a shallow bowl.  Season with sea salt, a drizzle of good olive oil, some fresh herb, a few pine nuts, some pepper and a squeeze of lemon if you wish.

That’s it. Sit down and enjoy. Mop up the juices with a piece of bread.


And this is just the beginning. You might add halved Sun Gold tomatoes, thin shavings of Parmesan or aged Gouda cheese, a shower of very young arugula leaves, a slivered squash blossom —or just leave it as is.

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Signs and portents

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2014/08/12 - 1:00pm
Wenlock Edge: The swifts have departed, there are wasps in the windfalls, and in the hedge, a mysterious map Continue reading...
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Wolverines lose chances at protection over climate change 'ambiguity'

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2014/08/12 - 10:58am

Rejecting conclusions of agency scientists, US Fish and Wildlife Service director says climate change impacts remain ambiguous

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Rescuing orphaned baby elephants in Kenya - in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2014/08/12 - 7:50am

To mark World Elephant Day, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has released behind-the-scenes pictures of efforts to save orphaned baby elephants in Africa, where up to 35,000 animals are killed for their tusks each year.

As elephant populations suffer losses from poaching, habitat destruction and human conflict, the charity travels across Kenya to treat injured adults and care for orphaned infants at its nursery.

The images offer a unique view of the trials and tribulations to reach and then transport often fragile babies who are often poaching victims and have witnessed considerable trauma.

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Whale carcass washes up on Rio de Janeiro beach - video

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2014/08/12 - 7:16am
A 12m humpback whale has washed up on a beach in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro. Lifeguards clear Macumba beach, in the city's Recreio neighbourhood, while they pull the carcass from the water. A tractor and two cranes are later used to transport the decomposing whale, estimated to weigh between 20 to 30 tonnes, off the beach. It is unclear how the animal died Continue reading...
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Welcome to Guatemala: gold mine protester beaten and burnt alive

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2014/08/12 - 7:13am

Indigenous people speak out against the Marlin mine run by Canadian company Goldcorp

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Mexico urged to act and save world's smallest porpoise the little sea cow

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2014/08/12 - 5:53am
Wildlife groups demand action over danger from fishing nets to vaquita marina, whose numbers are estimated at under 100 Continue reading...
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Quito summit is our chance to protect the polar bear by all means

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2014/08/12 - 5:07am

This iconic species should be listed under the Convention on Migratory Species and specific protection measures agreed

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