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Wind trumps gas: shale tanker unable to dock in Scotland due to weather

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 11:32am

After days expensively moored awaiting party in its honour, Ineos ship carrying shale gas from US fails to make entrance

There are some things even a billionaire petrochemicals baron can’t control.

Jim Ratcliffe, the founder-chairman of Anglo-Swiss firm Ineos, had carefully choreographed the arrival of the company’s first shipment of shale gas from the US. Its planned arrival in Scotland was the culmination of a $2bn (£1.5bn) investment designed to make its loss-making Grangemouth plant profitable again, not to mention a high-profile platform to lobby publicly for Britain to launch a fracking revolution.

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Toxic emissions surged after AGL acquired Bayswater coal-fired power plant

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 11:30am

Federal government figures show sulphur dioxide, hydrochloric acid, fine particle pollution and mercury output rose steeply in 2014-15

Toxic emissions from the power plant that made AGL Australia’s largest carbon polluter surged in the year the gas company acquired it, commonwealth figures reveal.

Bayswater power station in New South Wales recorded double-digit rises in sulphur dioxide, hydrochloric acid, fine particle pollution and mercury output in 2014-15, according to the National Pollutant Inventory.

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Total ban on ivory sales would endanger art | Letters

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 11:16am

A singularly distinguished roster of scientists, and others, with an interest in wildlife conservation have signed a petition calling for Theresa May to impose a “total UK ban on ivory sales” (Conservationists and MPs call for a total UK ban on ivory sales, theguardian.com, 22 September), claiming that Andrea Leadsom’s announcement of a ban on post-1947 ivory “falls short of what is needed”. I beg to differ.

The entire community of art historians, curators, connoisseurs and collectors unequivocally supports the preservation of endangered species. But by the same token it can be said with confidence that bona fide, pre-1947 works of art documented by Cites (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) made of or incorporating ivory have no impact whatsoever on the thirst for modern tusks and trinkets: these are two utterly separate issues.

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No fracking, drilling or digging: it’s the only way to save life on Earth | George Monbiot

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 11:10am

The Paris climate change agreement is worthless. Politicians can’t possibly honour it unless we stop developing all new fossil fuel reserves

Do they understand what they have signed? Plainly they do not. Governments such as ours, now ratifying the Paris agreement on climate change, haven’t the faintest idea what it means – either that or they have no intention of honouring it.

For the first time we can see the numbers on which the agreement depends, and their logic is inescapable. Governments can either meet their international commitments or allow the prospecting and development of new fossil fuel reserves. They cannot do both.

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Greenland's receding icecap to expose top-secret US nuclear project

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 11:06am

Camp Century – part of Project Iceworm – is underground cold war network that had been thought buried forever, until climate change made that highly unlikely

A top-secret US military project from the cold war and the toxic waste it conceals, thought to have been buried forever beneath the Greenland icecap, are likely to be uncovered by rising temperatures within decades, scientists have said.

The US army engineering corps excavated Camp Century in 1959 around 200km (124 miles) from the coast of Greenland, which was then a county of Denmark.

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It May Not Cost You More To Drive Home In A Climate-Friendly Car

NPR News - Environment - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 10:28am

It has been a common belief that low-emissions vehicles, like hybrids and electric cars, are more expensive than other choices. But researchers at MIT have found otherwise.

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Do you live in an area where proposed fracking is condemned by your council?

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 9:29am

If you live in an area where your council is opposed to fracking, we’d like to hear from you. Get in touch below

Within the next fortnight, the government will decide whether to accept shale company Cuadrilla’s appeal against Lancashire county council’s decision last year to turn down its application for two fracking sites.

Related: Bid to drill shale wells in Nottinghamshire 'should get green light'

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Bid to drill shale wells in Nottinghamshire 'should get green light'

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 8:38am

Officials say IGas application to drill two wells at Springs Road, former cold war missile launch site, should be approved

A planning application to drill two exploratory shale gas wells at a former cold war missile launch site in north Nottinghamshire should go ahead, officials have said.

In a report hundreds of pages long, planning officers for Nottinghamshire county council said the bid by shale company IGas to drill at Springs Road, Misson, should be granted.

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Mining in Malawi brings forced evictions and ruined crops, report says

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 8:12am

Human Rights Watch claims the government is failing to protect local communities from environmental impact of mining around Lake Malawi

Villagers in Malawi have been forcibly evicted from their homes to make way for coal and uranium mines and consequently face serious problems accessing safe water, according to a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report, which claims that the government lacks adequate safeguards to protect those affected.

Villagers told HRW that they were given little to no notice that mining would begin in their area, and unsatisfactory or zero compensation for resettlement, the report said. It also claimed the villagers had suffered problems with their crops and water sources, and were worried about the effect the mining was having on their health.

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Brexit ‘could trigger’ UK departure from nuclear energy treaty

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 8:03am

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU could also force it to exit the Euratom treaty on nuclear energy, ENDS has learned

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU could also force it to exit the Euratom Treaty on nuclear energy, ENDS has learned.

The Euratom Treaty, which applies to all EU member states, seeks to promote nuclear safety standards, investment and research within the bloc. Although it is governed by EU institutions, it has retained a separate legal identity since its adoption in 1957.

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Council asks for child’s birth certificate before it will collect nappies

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 6:38am

Anger in Anglesey after parents told they must prove their child is under three if they want binmen to collect dirty nappies

A local authority in north Wales has told parents they must show their children’s birth certificates if they want binmen to collect dirty nappies.

Waste management teams at Anglesey council have introduced the rules in an effort to cut waste, meet recycling targets and avoid fines from the Welsh government.

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Shale gas ban 'would cement decline of UK manufacturing'

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 5:21am

As Ineos takes first shale gas shipment from US, its CEO Jim Ratcliffe says without fracking UK manufacturing’s future is ‘gloomy’

The billionaire hoping to become Britain’s biggest fracker has said banning shale gas would cement the decline of UK manufacturing, as he brushed off environmental concerns about the hotly disputed energy source.

Speaking as his petrochemicals firm Ineos took delivery of the first ever shipment of shale gas from the US, Jim Ratcliffe addressed Labour’s announcement that it would ban fracking, which he insists could create jobs in some of the party’s former industrial heartlands.

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Revealed: how senior Laos officials cut deals with animal traffickers

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 4:00am

Evidence obtained by the Guardian shows how treasury coffers swelled with 2% tax on trades worth up to $45m including tigers, rhinos and elephants

Officials at the highest level of an Asian government have been helping wildlife criminals smuggle millions of dollars worth of endangered species through their territory, the Guardian can reveal.

In an apparent breach of current national and international law, for more than a decade the office of the prime minister of Laos has cut deals with three leading traffickers to move hundreds of tonnes of wildlife through selected border crossings.

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China accused of defying its own ban on breeding tigers to profit from body parts

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 4:00am

Beijing faces pressure at global summit to close 200 farms where tigers are bred for luxury goods and end its obstructive tactics

China has been accused of deceiving the international community by allowing a network of farms to breed thousands of captive tigers for the sale of their body parts, in breach of their own longstanding ban on the trade.

The Chinese government has allowed about 200 specialist farms to hold an estimated 6,000 tigers for slaughter, before their skins are sold as decoration and their bones are marinated to produce tonics and lotions. Campaigners say this has increased demand for the products and provoked the poaching of thousands of wild tigers, whose global population is now down to just 3,500.

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Can the aviation industry finally clean up its emissions?

Guardian Environment News - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 3:24am

With biofuel potential limited and emissions rising, the need for industry to act is urgent. Hopes rest on a global UN carbon offset scheme to be negotiated at the ICAO summit this week - but critics remain unconvinced

When a South Africa Airways scheduled flight flew from Johannesburg to Cape Town last month, it carried nearly 300 passengers.

Neither the passengers or the pilots would have noticed any difference between that flight and any other.

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Teaching Middle-Schoolers Climate Change Without Terrifying Them

NPR News - Environment - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 3:03am

One science teacher in Miami knows how sea-level rise could affect her students' lives when they are her age. She is determined to teach them to take that seriously, with optimism.

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Appeals Court Hears Challenge To Obama Power-Plant Emissions Rule

NPR News - Environment - Tue, 2016/09/27 - 2:00am

A key piece of the Obama administration's efforts to cut back on carbon emissions faces a test in court on Tuesday. An appeals court is hearing arguments on regulations announced last year.

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Great Barrier Reef: Unesco pushes for tree-clearing controls

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2016/09/26 - 11:39pm

UN agency recognises ‘importance of strengthening our vegetation protection laws’, Queensland’s Jackie Trad says

Unesco has acknowledged the importance of stymied tree-clearing controls in Queensland to efforts to protect the Great Barrier Reef, according to the state’s deputy premier, Jackie Trad.

Trad has emerged from a meeting in Paris with a Unesco official, Fanny Douvere, to declare the state Labor government would restore clearing controls, one of its “key commitments” to the reef, if it won another term of office.

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China tops WHO list for deadly outdoor air pollution

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2016/09/26 - 11:00pm

More than 1 million people died from dirty air in one year, according to World Health Organisation

China is the world’s deadliest country for outdoor air pollution, according to analysis by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The UN agency has previously warned that tiny particulates from cars, power plants and other sources are killing 3 million people worldwide each year.

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First shipment of fracked shale gas set to arrive in UK

Guardian Environment News - Mon, 2016/09/26 - 10:00pm

US tanker to dock at Ineos plant in Grangemouth, less than 24 hours after the Labour party said it would ban fracking

The first ever shipment of shale gas from the US is set to arrive in Britain less than 24 hours after the Labour party vowed to ban fracking, the method by which the controversial energy source is extracted.

Ineos, the petrochemical company founded and chaired by a billionaire, Jim Ratcliffe, will take delivery of a tanker full of ethane at its Grangemouth plant in Scotland on Tuesday, marking the first fruit of a $2bn investment.

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