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a friday night film

The Field Lab - Fri, 2017/04/21 - 4:32pm

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the good tripod

The Field Lab - Thu, 2017/04/20 - 4:43pm
Been fighting with 3 cheap broken down tripods for years.  These were about 20 bucks each at Walmart and the heads are either stripped or at least a leg or two has to be held in place with duct tape.  Finally upgraded to a Zomei - the illegitimate (and much cheaper) cousin of the Gitzo...which was the workhorse in the industry for this type of tripod back in my photo days.  Note: A Gitzo tripod with a ball head costs almost $1000.  94,97,59,0,C
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what is it?

The Field Lab - Wed, 2017/04/19 - 6:37pm
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The Field Lab - Tue, 2017/04/18 - 2:53pm
Was really hoping for a gusher yesterday afternoon.  Even had my GoPro set up down in the canyon to catch the flash.  Nice big red blob on the doppler radar was heading right for me out of the north and then it wimped out.  Storms come and go pretty quickly out here.  89,92,54,0,B
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a monday matinee...

The Field Lab - Mon, 2017/04/17 - 10:05am

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Attention: Check Class Availability

Home Grown New Mexico - Mon, 2017/04/17 - 5:01am

It has recently come to our attention that some of the classes being offered by us were closing early before they filled up through our EVENTBRITE registration. That glitch has been fixed. Many classes still have openings.

Check in the CLASSES/EVENTS SECTION for details or go to the top of the website for availability and sign-up! The following classes still have these openings for people to register. Don’t wait as classes fill up fast.

Veggiekraut & Curtido Workshop-April 23
Available openings—2

Warm Season Heirloom Vegetable Gardening-May 7
Available openings—15

Zuni Bowls-May 21
Available openings—11

Artisan Vinegars-June 4
Available openings—2

Cheesemaking: French Chevre-June 25
Sold out-
Waitlist available-be ready to come at the last-minute

Organic Pest Control in the Vegetable Garden-July 9
Available openings—20

Grow More in Less Space with Square Foot Gardening-July 23
Available openings—20

Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour-August 6
open to everyone

Small Fruit Perennial Gardening: Berries, Grapes & More! Aug 27
Available openings—15

Cheesemaking: Mozzarella-Sept 10
Available openings—2

Culinary Herbs in the Garden & Kitchen-Sept 24
Available openings—15

Fall Harvest Potluck-Oct 1
Available openings—35

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Warm and fuzzy?

The Field Lab - Sun, 2017/04/16 - 2:27pm
Want to teach your children about Easter?  1.  Skip the bunnies and eggs and first teach them about what Christ had to endure - crucifixion was a grotesquely cruel form of execution.  2.  The day of His resurrection represents the hope He gave every single person who lives on the planet - since that time and forever in the future.  3.  The gift offered through this incredible sacrifice and unimaginable suffering is only available to those who open their hearts to Him.  4.  Teach them this verse.
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How I know George...

The Field Lab - Sat, 2017/04/15 - 5:33pm
Little George is still thriving and no longer the smallest bunny in the bunch.  He recently learned that Ben's range cubes are pretty tasty.  Still not in to cuddling - but he comes when I call him.  Aside from that - I can tell him apart from all the other bunnies out here because he has a tiny notch in his ear.  Not sure how he got it but he may have gotten nibbled on by one of the bigger kids.  I first noticed it about a week after his release.  84,88,63,0,B
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a friday night film

The Field Lab - Fri, 2017/04/14 - 2:57pm

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when pigs fly...

The Field Lab - Thu, 2017/04/13 - 2:42pm
Chupa is pretty excited about the next friday night film... 83,85,62, .12",B
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no rain

The Field Lab - Wed, 2017/04/12 - 4:46pm
Still dry as a bone here and the chances of rain look pretty slim.  70,81,61,0,B
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The Field Lab - Tue, 2017/04/11 - 3:37pm
Storm chances have dwindled...but I am ready.  81,84,64,0,B
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Cooking with Dante

Deborah Madison - Tue, 2017/04/11 - 3:00pm


I have a very loyal kitchen hound. His sensitive little ears perk up the minute I enter the kitchen to cook and within moments he is sitting at my feet, looking up inquisitively at my motions, listening to the sounds of chopping and slicing, rustling papers, the unwrapping things, all sounds that have to do with food and cooking. Food is very important for dogs, I have learned, even though my dog does not wolf things down. He is endlessly interested in something to eat, however.

Food is important yes, but he doesn’t go for just any old bite. He is quite selective. We’ve been going through this routine for nearly six years, and I know that he doesn’t like onions. Still he makes a lot of little squeaking noises until I offer him a piece. He sniffs carefully and ever so slowly until he’s finally satisfied he doesn’t want the bit of onion. He turns his head to the side, his elegant poodle nose rejecting what I knew he would reject. We go though this with every vegetable, including those that are cooking. I offer him the skillet to preview, knowing he wont’ be interested. But he thinks he might be.

There are some things he likes. They are beet skins. Sweet potatoes. Cooked carrots, and what I call broccoli bones, (the coarse lower ends of broccoli stems, which he’s carries away and works over just as if they were bones). He will accept a kale stem, but then he just walks around the island and drops it on the floor. When I finally emerge from the stove the floor can be littered with bits of stems and leaves. And when I sweep them up, he doesn’t linger at the dustbin wondering if there might be a treat. After all, that’s usually about the time he gets his own dinner, which he far prefers.

You might have met my pup on the page after 231 In My Kitchen. He shows up a few times. But my favorite picture is of him sitting on the kitchen steps looking very robust indeed. In case you’re wondering, his fur is not colored and he is a small Labradoodle – actually mostly poodle. He weighs only 32 pounds, but he’s pretty convinced he weights at least seventy. Must be all those brococli bones! Whatever it is, he’s a good kitchen friend.



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a monday matinee...

The Field Lab - Mon, 2017/04/10 - 11:44am
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Palm Sunday

The Field Lab - Sun, 2017/04/09 - 1:13pm
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April shower...

The Field Lab - Sat, 2017/04/08 - 7:15pm

Way overdue for a good shower.  Last one I had, I thought my pump was broken and only got a trickle.  Took the pump apart this morning and discovered it was clogged with dead bees.  Now I am fresh and clean for at least another month.  87,94,55,0,B
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a friday night film

The Field Lab - Fri, 2017/04/07 - 2:59pm

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production still...

The Field Lab - Thu, 2017/04/06 - 3:24pm
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Crazy Aunt Jean

The Field Lab - Wed, 2017/04/05 - 6:05pm
The six foot tall palo verde is loaded with blossoms for the first time since I started it from seed 6 years ago...68,73,45,0,B
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The Field Lab - Tue, 2017/04/04 - 4:22pm
For sale by owner.  I have a 10 acre tract for sale way out in the middle of nowhere in an area known as The Solitario.  It is about 6 miles SW of TFL.  Section corner marked on the big map is the SE corner of the property - the border map is the view looking south. Not for the faint of heart, this property is about an hour off the beaten track (highway).  It borders a 20 acre tract I am holding onto for now as a future paramotor camp - but may eventually be for sale as well.  $ only.  I have marked all but the deep canyon corner (NE) by GPS.  Serious inquiries only.  Buy a cheap chunk of the real "Badlands, Texas".  83,86,47,0,B  Update:  The tract is SOLD!

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