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Steep Peak - Our Local Wilderness Hike

Holy Scrap - 18 hours 33 min ago

Steep Peak - Our Local Wilderness Hike, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.

We have a local Wilderness area that is less than forty miles from our place. It’s called Apache Kid and it’s over 55k acres in size. The only bummer about the place is that the easiest access point is a trailhead that takes you up 3k feet in elevation in less than 5 miles. Today Wendy and I went with Sesame to look for mushrooms at 10k feet.

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Hoof nipping...

The Field Lab - 20 hours 23 min ago
One thing about having pet steers I never considered is that they might need their hooves trimmed.  My boys don't spend half their day walking 5 - 10 miles looking for something to graze on so their "toes" tend to get long.  Every now and then, one of them will end up chipping or breaking off a chunk of hoof.  As they grow longer they tend to cross which can screw up their legs if left unattended.  Trying to set up an appointment with the vet that specializes is this kind of stuff so I can get a better idea of what their needs might be.  While I wait for that to happen, I decided to buy some hoof nippers and give it a whirl with Ben.  Waited till this afternoon while they were both blissed out napping and chewing their cud.  Did a little work on Ben's back feet and he didn't mind at all. A couple more sessions and he will be done.  Bud on the other hand who doesn't allow me to measure his horns - really doesn't want me to mess with his feet.  88,100,72,0,B
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I like the Gummy Shoes - Montrail FluidFlex

Holy Scrap - Fri, 2014/09/19 - 6:49am

I like the Gummy Shoes - Montrail FluidFlex, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.

After trying a half dozen pairs of trail running shoes I’ve picked a favorite. My Montrail FluidFlex are crazy light, drain water incredibly fast and have just the right amount of gummy cushioning. I picked up a replacement pair for $32 last week. There are two downsides to these. The soles are so soft that they tend to wear out by 300 miles. They also pickup a lot sand/dirt while running to the point that I need to pull the insoles before each outing and really shake them clean. I noticed that that multiple top runners from the Hard Rock 100 are also wearing this specific model of shoe (not the FluidFlex II).

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Lazy and Late Prickly Pear Harvet

Holy Scrap - Thu, 2014/09/18 - 6:27pm

Lazy and Late Prickly Pear Harvet, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.

Happy to score some ripe prickly pear cactus fruit tonight. Some minor trespassing was involved. I used tongs and a cardboard box to harvest the fruit. Just before turning on the $35 steam juicer which efficiently extracts the juice I jabbed each piece with a fork several times.

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Just a trace

The Field Lab - Thu, 2014/09/18 - 5:39pm

So far all the rain this afternoon just scooted around TFL - only a sprinkle so far.  The 10 day forecast changes every couple of hours.  78,100,72,T,B

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Jujube to Syrup

Holy Scrap - Thu, 2014/09/18 - 10:59am

Jujube to Syrup, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr. Our jujube trees have been cranking out baskets of delicious fruit for weeks. Since we are trying to maintain a pretty low carb diet we needed to do something to preserve the abundance of fruit. We came up with a pretty good solution. Harvest the jujubes when they are ripe, boil them down in the sun oven, remove the fruit and boil down the syrup further, finally dehydrate the remaining fruit for backpacking.
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The Field Lab - Wed, 2014/09/17 - 6:17pm
Prepared yet again for some rain events due for the weekend.  85,96,69,0,B
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Don’t forget the Tomato sauce canning class is this Sunday!

Home Grown New Mexico - Wed, 2014/09/17 - 5:54pm

Sunday, September 21
Preserving Your Harvest Class
Learn how to can stewed tomatoes and pasta sauces
Time: 12 noon -2 pm
Instructors: Duskin Jasper/Jannine Cabossel
Location: Milagro Community Garden (Rodeo Road and Legacy behind church-2481 Legacy Court)
RSVP to 505-983-9706 or email:
(CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED SO YOU MUST RSVP) so we know how many jars to bring to the class.

What to do with all your tomatoes at the end of the season? Come join ‘The Tomato Lady’ from the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market and Duskin Jasper and learn how to can tomato pasta sauce for your pantry to enjoy in the winter months long after harvesting! This hands on class will cover how to make different pasta sauces. Students will take home a jar of tomato sauce. We will also discuss different canning methods for our high altitude.

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Where Is Waldo?

Holy Scrap - Wed, 2014/09/17 - 2:53pm
Do you recognize the woman in this photo?  It seems that she dropped her SD card in the Huston (Bush) Airport on August 30th. Look closely, do you see the flyer she's waving in the air? It's for a Swap-O-Rama-Rama. That's how the photo got to me. You guessed it. A good samaritan picked up the SD card and looked at the pics for clues. The flyer lead her to me since I'm the founder of Swap-O-Rama-Rama. I have no idea who this girl is but this sure seemed to be a great excuse for a round of where is Waldo. Do you know her? Perhaps someone that you know knows her? Game on.
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The Field Lab - Tue, 2014/09/16 - 5:30pm
Seven years and 110,000 miles.  82,91,74,0,B
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Pain In The Gut

Holy Scrap - Tue, 2014/09/16 - 4:37pm
I've been plagued by reflux for about three years. At first I tried natural remedies and when the symptom went away I returned to life as usual thinking it was over. Hardly. I don't do pharmaceuticals, but a couple of times out of desperation I took a few over the counter pills. Once I read about how they work I stopped. On year three I got serious. Now I understand that solving reflux is complex. It is more than diet. Feeling good is a lifestyle change. Time of day, portions, food combining. . . there are many details. After a year of data mining I came up with a diet. I made many sacrifices and there have been gains. I have more energy, better sleep, lost weight, and my concentration is sharpening. My palette changed too. The sweet potato, carrot and jujube syrup that I make from my jujube tree's fruit taste like candy to me. I find hope that I can handle the likely next step, an ultra low carb diet to address candida, a destructive gut yeast that people with reflux often have too much of.

Meanwhile I this is helpful to you. Feel good!

Make Up -  high fat (1/3 animal fats 2/3 non animal from things like ghee, olives, avocado, nuts), medium protein, low carb regarding dairy: eat lots of homemade yogurt but no cheese unless homemade (raw) or goat cheese moderate citrus, chocolate (bittersweet only) no grains, wheat, soy, caffeine, refined sugar or processed food, caffeine, or alcohol
Time -  if in pain upon waking eat oatmeal asap raw juices before 3pm only load up on carbs immediately after endurance sports  after 3pm carbs from veggies only (no fruit) - emphasis on soluble fiber veggies (low intake of non-soluble) no food of any kind after 7pm 
Amount and Combinations -  chew everything completely (break down food so acids in belly don't have to) fruit is always eaten alone (otherwise it ferments in the gut)  no liquids with meals (dilutes stomach acid needed to break down food) if you drink alcohol (yeah that's cheating) than dilute it with lots of water so it does not damage the gut too much
Supplements - 
DGL Licorice enzymes (stimulates enzymes, great for immediate symptom relief), goldenseal and milk thistle (bitters to stimulate digestion)
Resource - a web resource that I found helpful is Chris Kessler's site.  

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Looking for the Right Box

Holy Scrap - Tue, 2014/09/16 - 1:50pm

Looking for the Right Box, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr. Sometimes you need to ship a large item that you don't have a box for.
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Rain from Hurricane Odile

Holy Scrap - Tue, 2014/09/16 - 7:52am

Rain from Hurricane Odile, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr. The weather forecast says rain for 3 days straight. The moisture started coming in this morning so we decided to go for a wet 3 mile dog run.
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The Long Dry

The Field Lab - Mon, 2014/09/15 - 4:46pm
More good chances of rain coming up through the weekend thanks to Hurricane Odile.  Had very few gloomy days this year so far.  Rainfall total for the year is only 4.63".  Hope to catch a few more drops in the next month before we head into the dry season.  81,86,73,0,C
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dokos, doxa, glory

The Field Lab - Sun, 2014/09/14 - 4:44pm

The message from Pastor John Wiley today.  The full sermon will be up on their website in the next day or two.
Psalm 118:20 This gate of the Lord, into which the righteous shall enter.  21 I will praise thee: for thou hast heard me, and art become my salvation. 22 The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner. 23 This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. 24 This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. 25 Save now, I beseech thee, O Lord: O Lord, I beseech thee, send now prosperity.  
(I posted this on Facebook this morning along with the following comment: FYI...this is not about getting free "stuff"- this is about the manifestation of His Glory from the Holy Spirit within.  My friend Seth Penney added - Our prosperity is our salvation, the free gift of God's grace.)
The birth, life, and death of Jesus was prophesied in the Old Testament and came to pass exactly as stated having been witnessed by the masses.
1 John 1:2  (For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;) 3 That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.
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The Icarus Redemption

The Field Lab - Sat, 2014/09/13 - 4:36pm
Keeping the dream alive... 60,66,57,T,B

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The Field Lab - Fri, 2014/09/12 - 6:23pm
Got the Hankooks on today.  While doing the fronts I was shown that new brake pads are in order - some nonsense about metal on metal (close - but not quite).  Brake job next week.  Kudos to Mike Casper (Dr. Fun) for his attention to detail on my tire job.
More "better than good" chances of rain over the weekend so I shuttled water around to make room in the gutter tanks.  The discharge hose for my pump is just about shot so I ordered a replacement.  I think I lost about 200 gallons just from the leaks.  Checked all the tanks and I am happy to report that I have 16,450 gallons on tap.  Perhaps I will finally top off the catchment storage (21,000 gal) this year.  84,95,69,0,B
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Sandpaper Highway

The Field Lab - Thu, 2014/09/11 - 6:15pm

I think I ordered new tires just in time.  Highway 118 is getting "repaved" from the ranch road down to Terlingua.  Our 80 grit road is being turned into a 40 grit road.  As a contractor though, I must admit that I am impressed with the efficiency of the operation - all lanes for 20 miles done in just over 1 day.  Too bad we don't warrant real asphalt instead of just rocks and oil.  The really good news is no new cracks in my windshield from flying gravel (yet).  87,99,73,0,B
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Cross Town Traffic

Holy Scrap - Thu, 2014/09/11 - 11:57am

I may be on my way to being a tracker. I just love examining the prints that show the patterns of life when I'm out running in the desert. The desert sand reveals the tiny to the mammoth, insect, reptile, mammal and yes 4 wheel drive. This little trail, which I found at about 5 miles out from town seems to be well used by a heard of goats. Often a small trail will show a huge variety of tracks in front of it telling me that there are freeways made by creatures living in the wild. The second shot shows the area where I found the trail, you can see we've had some rain as everything is green and feels fresh. I think Mikey's about to post the tree of death, also found in this area. You'll see. . .
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Surprise, Your The Cover - Geronimo Trail

Holy Scrap - Thu, 2014/09/11 - 11:49am
This morning, while waiting in a city office for an appointment I perused a rack of brochures and plucked this fold out guide to New Mexico's Geronimo Trail. What surprised me was the cover photo featuring me, Sesame and my friend Kyle. Aww check out Sesame in her backpack.
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