Accords, Treaties and Resolutions

January 1 Sunset at the Hyde Park Road Overlook

Observing the news over the past year I've come to a (probably obvious) realization or two. Climate Change is rapidly growing in global awareness, importance and the discussion has become heated (pun intended). It appears that our planet is rapidly approaching a point of change (cultural, economic, environmental, etc.) driven by climate change. Change brings uncertainty, so governments, companies, and people have chosen to either fight change or promote their vision of change. The UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen is a perfect example of all sides coming together to promote either the status quo or change.

The official result of COP15 was the Copenhagen Accord (give it a read, it's only 2 1/2 pages). Reams of analysis and debate have been devoted to the accord, so I won't add to that noise. I will say this - betting against change is a weak hand in this card game. To quote everyone's favorite ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitis, 'the only constant is change'. The status quo relies on fossil fuels which have uncertain supplies, volatile prices and polluting emissions. So, I'm expecting change and doing my best to plan for it.

While international accords and treaties may be out of my hands, I can make a personal resolution for the new year. In 2010 I resolve to make one change per month to reduce my use of fossil fuels, eat more local foods (and blog about it). My resolution isn't very original, but I think it's realistic and achievable. Some changes will be small and others larger, but each will reduce my carbon footprint and the carbon miles of my diet. I have a few carbon-reduction ideas in mind for the next year, and I'm anxious to get started.

That's my plan for 2010, make one dozen changes to burn less fossil fuel and eat more locally. What are your New Year's Resolutions and sustainability plans for the new year?

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Okay here's my 12...Resolved to do more commuter biking, veggie gardening, green political organizing, water harvesting, farmers' marketing, beekeeping, reading cool blogs like this...okay that's educational workshop attending, eco-book sharing, tree planting, enviro-writing, and, as always, compost turning. Thanks, Tim!