Gaillardia Aristata - Firewheel - Blanket Flower

George Gershwin wrote, 'It's summertime and the living is easy'. It is officially summertime, but I'm not sure about the easy part. Despite a complete lack of April showers and very few May flowers we have plenty of June bugs (larvae, actually) and they have been ransacking our chile pepper transplants. I raked over one garden bed and dug up more grubs than I care to count.

Instead of showing you pictures of June beetle grubs, above is a picture of a native Blanket Flower or Firewheel in our backyard. The Gaillardia aristata is more attractive and is quite hardy in the midst of our drought.

Here's a toast to an easier summertime, perhaps with some rain to water the forests and everything else.

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Firewheel or Blanket Flower (Gaillardia aristata)

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