Step Outside, Spring is Here!

Rose bush Leaf buds opening

The weather is warming, trees buds are swelling, irises are sprouting and it feels like spring. The Vernal Equinox is nearly here as a late winter storm passes through, and the trend is definitely toward Spring. I often hit a wall in late winter and lose my momentum. Spending time outside is one thing that refreshes and recharges me. Feeling the sun, breeze and nature around me clears my head and helps me move forward again. Going outside to walk, bike, garden, even backcountry ski are my Winter to Spring reset button.

I don't know when I discovered that going outside into nature rejuvenated me. Much of my childhood was spent outside, exploring the hills and forests around my home. That love of nature is a gift that I hope to pass on to our child. We're starting with exploring the garden and yard, a park down the block and rides in the bicycle trailer and stroller. Eventually, our excursions will go farther afield into the mountains and forests near our home.

A recently released study states that the 'Millenial' generation has less interest in cleaning up the environment than previous 'Gen-X' and 'Baby Boomer' generations. If Millenials really are less interested in caring for the environment I suspect that it is related to a lack of exposure to nature, aka. 'Nature Deficit Disorder'. If you're feeling a personal nature shortage, today is a great day to go outside and experience some.

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