Santa Fe - Now with Twice the Recycling!

Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency

Starting January 14th, 2008 the city of Santa Fe, NM will begin weekly pickup for residential recycling. The hope is that a weekly schedule will increase recycling participation compared to the somewhat confusing bi-weekly pickup schedule. I know that I occasionally forget which week is the recycling pickup week. So, I think this could help encourage some forgetful folks to recycle.

The Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency is also planning on expanding the recycling service to businesses and schools. This could be a huge boon to the program given the large quantities of recyclable materials like corrugated cardboard and glass that local businesses generate.

I am encouraged that the Solid Waste Department is working to improve and expand recycling services in Santa Fe. This will not only divert even more waste from landfills it will create revenue through increased sales of recycled materials.

However, the Solid Waste Dept. could go one step further. Requiring residents to go to the Solid Waste Department building at 1142 Siler Road to pick up new or replacement recycling bins is counter-intuitive. Santa Fe could greatly encourage recycling participation by dropping off new and replacement bins with recycling trucks. This small step would remove the excuse that it's inconvenient to go pick up a recycling bin. Frankly, it seems that excuses are the only thing stopping people from recycling today.

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