Welcome to Mountain Bike Club

Four Dapper Cyclists

The first rule of Mountain Bike Club is that you need a club. Are you looking for a group to ride and socialize with, tips for beginning mountain bikers, or do you want to lend your hand at trail maintenance and local trails advocacy? Now is the time to join a varied and enthusiastic group of mountain bikers in Santa Fe, NM as we start a new club. Read below for details on the first mountain bike club events. Mark these dates on your calendar and start brainstorming a great name for the new club.

What: Trail Maintenance Party and Trail Ride
When: Sunday September 12th, 8:30am
Where: La Tierra Trails, Camino de Los Montoyas north of NM 599 Bypass (past the cell tower)

Come to the first Gathering of the Clan! Mountain bikers from all over Santa Fe will converge on the La Tierra Trails. Bring your bike, your work clothes and gloves, and a snack to share.

The Santa Fe Trails Alliance will be supplying tools, so if you are so inclined, join some of us for an hour or two or three of trail maintenance. Afterwards, head out on a ride with some of your newfound riding buddies and/or chill out and socialize. Don’t feel obligated to put in some trail work time. If you just want to get out and ride, that is cool as well. We just want to see you there.

What: Second Meeting of the new Santa Fe Mountain Bike Club
When: Monday, Sept. 13th, 6:30 p.m. (Meetings will be held on the 2nd Monday of each month.)
Where: NM Bike N Sport, 524 West Cordova, Suite C

Meeting Agenda (Acting Chair – Jeff Della Penna)

  • Welcome attendees.
  • Add new email to our Club Email List.
  • Quick recap of previous meeting.
  • Motion for a Club Name.
  • Motion to start the process to incorporate.
  • Motion to buy a club membership to IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) (Membership will be paid for by a patron of the club.)
  • Motion to elect club officers to serve out the remainder of the calendar year.
    Nominations for Club Officers:
      • Committee Chairpersons - Social Committee, Trail Maintenance/Building Committee, Education Committee, Advocacy Committee
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Vice President
      • President
  • Motion for the location of the next meeting, to be held October 11th.