Free Water Testing for S.Fe County

Boris Karloff in the laboratory

Ever wonder what is REALLY in your water? If you drink water from a private well, you should test that water to find out. Santa Fe County, the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED), the City of Santa Fe, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), and the Good Water Company to jointly test private domestic water wells June 23 through 25 at no charge to residents or owners. Water tests will include field and laboratory analyses for approximately 50 chemical parameters, including nitrate, fluoride, heavy metals including uranium, and organic vapor such as from gasoline and degreasing solvent.

Santa Fe County Residents wishing to have their water tested should contact Jessica Tapia by e-mail or telephone at or (505) 476-8602. Residents not at home on the days of the testing may authorize the collection of a water sample from an outside faucet and the determination of wellhead coordinates with a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit. The testing is free, and participation is voluntary. NMED water quality experts will provide residents with test results and will be available to answer any questions. NMED also will be the gatekeeper of the test data and will not release personal information including the names, addresses, and phone numbers of well owners to the general public.

Water supplied by public drinking water systems will not be tested as those supplies are routinely analyzed pursuant to the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. NM residents supplied by a public water system should receive a Consumer Confidence Report each year from the system operator that summarizes test results. For additional information on public drinking water systems visit to review NMED’s online database of public drinking water systems.

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