Oh, have you seen our herb garden?...

a forest of Tarragon

Since it is Memorial Day, we had to grill. It's summer, man! I also had a strong urge to make potato salad. We left the mayonnaise in the refrigerator and went with an herb vinaigrette. However, here is where it gets hinky. The original recipe called for 4 pounds of potatoes to a vinaigrette that contained just 4 tablespoons of herbs (specifically parsley, chives, and basil). All I can say to that is: pikers.

Let me introduce you to my herb garden: the tarragon is plotting world domination, or at least garden bed domination, and the garlic chives have been ready to go for at least a month. I have bunches of parsley from the CSA and this is just the beginning of the garden season. I used 1 pound of potatoes and more like 5 tablespoons of herbs (tarragon, parsley, and garlic chives) and it was delicious.

When you grow your own herbs you don't have to parcel them like a precious commodity from an very expensive clamshell purchased at Whole Foods. When you grow your own herbs you can lavishly decorate your food with them. When you grow your own herbs you can have wonderful flavor and color and then look at that bowl of potato salad and admire your work of art.

For your dining pleasure:

Yukon Gold and fresh herb potato salad

Botanical.com - Tarragon