DIY Carbon Offsets

Planting a Bare Root Seedling

Looking for a way to offset your carbon footprint? Instead of paying someone else to offset your CO2 emissions you could create your own carbon sequestration system. In other words, you can plant trees and perennials at home. The New Mexico State Forestry Division wants to help you reforest your acre of the planet with the Conservation Seedling Program. Starting December 1st, anyone owning 1 acre or more of land in New Mexico can purchase seedlings from 53 varieties of trees and shrubs for spring planting.

Since 1960, the NM State Forestry Division has offered over four million low cost seedlings to landowners to plant for conservation purposes. Some qualifying conservation plantings include: reforestation, riparian restoration, wildlife habitat, wind breaks and erosion control.

Reforestation projects are important in restoring the affected areas back to their original or an improved state. Other species provided by the program may offer restoration to waterways and minimize surface runoff, which in turn reduces soil erosion. Many of the plant species offered by the seedling program provide and/or improve habitat for wildlife. Windbreaks planted around homes provide protection from hot, dry winds of summer and relief from winter winds and snow. What better reason to plant trees?

The NM Forestry Division is offering more than 148,000 seedlings for sale to interested landowners who want to plant trees this spring for conservation purposes on December 1, 2008. Minimum orders are $44 for 50 bare root trees, $56 for 49 "One Season" containerized trees, and $47 for 20 "Two-Season" Large containerized trees. Click here to view the Conservation Program Seedling List.

If you don't happen to own a full acre of land you can patronize a local nursery specializing in native trees and perennials. Or maybe you could make friends with a landowner who needs to improve their land and will split an order with you. Whether you own an acre of land or less, planting your own trees and perennials is a great way to mitigate your carbon footprint and restore the environment.

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