Cold Cash for Refrigerators (Furnaces and Clothes Washers)

Old Refrigerator

Act Now! Supplies Are Limited! Unheard of Savings! Operators are standing by (they really are)!
As much as I hate to say it, there is a true 'limited time offer' for New Mexicans starting on April 22 (which is Earth Day, by the way). You can save $200 (or more) off the price of an Energy-Star rated clothes washer, refrigerator or furnace. There is some fine print to read*, but it's not a bad deal - if you need a new washing machine, fridge or furnace.

Washing machines, fridges and furnaces can be energy and water hogs. Choosing which appliance to replace depends on their age, condition and relative efficiency. According to the DIY Energy Audit I ran a few months ago, replacing our refrigerator is the best of three choices provided by the New Mexico Applicance Rebate Program.

I did some quick research on the and local appliance store websites to find the most efficient fridge locally. Find Energy Star Products has a handy 'Find a Model' wizard which can help you find an appliance in the size, configuration or brand you want. I looked for fridges with a top-mounted freezer, 16 to 19 cubic feet, and I sorted to find the most efficient models. I quickly found a locally available fridge that met my criteria, uses 30% less energy than the federal standard, and is on sale for $385 plus tax. After subtracting $230 for the the New Mexico and PNM rebates that $155 plus tax!

Of course, the NM Appliance Rebate Program is a great deal - if you need to replace your fridge, furnace or clothes washer. But, if you have a top-loading clothes washer or a 10+ year old fridge or furnace - it may be time to recycle that old clunker for a much more efficient model. But don't delay, there are only 8,315 rebates available for the entire state of NM!

* New Mexico residents only. Appliances must be purchased from a New Mexico retailer. Rebates will be paid on a first come, first serve basis, based on the postmark date associated with a complete, signed application with all the required documentation. etc...

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