Training for Windy Work in Tucumcari

Wind Turbine Under Construction

New Mexico is windy in the spring. The wide open plains of Eastern New Mexico are even windier. Power utilities are putting up wind farms across New Mexico and the Great Plains to take advantage of all of the free wind. One question hasn't been answered yet - Who will operate and maintain these turbines? Mesalands Community College in Tucumcari, NM is establishing the North American Wind Research and Training Center to educate Wind Turbine Technicians to fill that need.

With the current boom in wind power and other renewable energies across the U.S. there is also a huge need for workers to service these new facilities. Wind Turbine technicians will need thorough training in electrical systems, electronics, mechanical systems and hydraulics. These technicians will need one more special qualification - they can't be afraid of heights! The G.E. 1.5 MW wind turbine being installed at Mesalands Community College is 80 meters (262 feet) high at the hub with a rotor diameter of 77 meters (252 feet). New students in the wind technician program will climb the turbine tower (no elevator here) early in the program to help weed out the agoraphobics. The need for trained technicians is so great that the first three years of graduates have guaranteed jobs servicing G.E. wind turbines.

Mesalands C.C. will commission and dedicate the new wind turbine on October 27, 2008 with a public ceremony at the college. There is only one last piece needed to complete the North American Wind Research and Training Center in Tucumcari - money. Mesalands C.C. is under-funded like many other educational institutions in New Mexico. General Obligation Bond D is on the ballot in New Mexico for this November's election. Please read the links below and learn what Bond D will do to help schools and colleges in New Mexico. Then on November 4th vote for wind power and teaching the technicians who will keep the turbines spinning.

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