Secret Agent Man

Santa Fe County Extension Agent touring Bob's garden

Somewhere in your county, a secret agent stands at the ready. He (or she) is the local County Extension Agent, ready to answer your home garden and landscape questions. County Extension Agents aren't supposed to be a secret but they are lower profile than the 'Double-O' kind of agent. I just met the local Extension Agent and learned quite a lot about the art of growing plants and animals in my county.

If you are a fan of County Fairs, a member of 4-H or a Master Gardener then you probably know about your County Extension Office. As a relative newcomer to backyard agriculture I was only vaguely aware of the County Extension Office. My friend Bob arranged a home visit from Pat, the local County Extension Agent, and we learned quite a lot in one afternoon.

Bob, Pat and I toured the landscaping, garden and chicken coop around Bob's house. Pat evaluated the health of various trees, perennials and annuals with his experienced eye. Pat also gave suggestions on watering, fertilizing, pruning and replacements for dead plants. The best part of this personalized, educational tour of Bob's garden - it was free!

The County Extension Agent will visit your home garden and answer questions about plants, livestock, pests, etc. all free of charge. The County Extension Office is funded by your tax dollars. So put those tax dollars to good use and call up your County Extension Agent the next time you have a question about your garden.

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