Breeding Diversity Organically

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What: 1st International IFOAM Conference on Organic Animal and Plant Breeding
Where: Santa Fe Convention Center, Sante Fe, NM, USA
When: August 25-28, 2009

  • The Conference Opening Ceremony and Reception on Tuesday, Aug. 25 at 7 pm, are open to the public at $10 per person. Keynote speakers include New Mexico Agriculture Secretary Miley Gonzalez and Indian food activist Vandana Shiva.
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  • There is a new 'Green Revolution' afoot in the world. Instead of being driven by synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and hybrid seeds like the first one, this new green revolution is organic. Farmers across the globe are realizing that one plant variety which grows well in one place may not thrive elsewhere. Maintaining traditional plant and animal breeds also preserves genetic diversity and food security. The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) has brought the 1st International Conference on Organic Animal and Plant Breeding to Santa Fe, NM to discuss the conservation and promotion of Agro-Biodiversity of both animal and plant genetic resources.

    The 'Breeding Diversity' conference aims at encouraging dialogue between scientists and researchers; professional farmers and hobby gardeners/animal keepers; governmental agencies and organizations to promote the lively exchange of experiences and perspectives on organic breeding. Organic breeding includes efforts of both professional companies involved in the organic market, as well as participatory farmers’ initiatives from all around the world. Even though technical aspects may differ dramatically, each field can inspire the other to develop and build upon successful strategies. Seeds of Change is the local conference organizer and is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2009, making it the oldest organic seed company in the USA.

    Fortunately, organic farmers and gardeners aren't the only people who have figured out that industrial agriculture is nearing its end. TIME magazine ran the article Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food in their Friday, Aug. 21 issue. While TIME is rarely first to the party, but they bring news to a very wide audience in the US. Hopefully, this article is one more step in making Americans aware of the value in sustainable, organic agriculture and conscious of the food we eat.

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