Baby Steps to Zero Carbon

Baby Steps

There is a big gap between my carbon footprint today and the carbon neutral future I want. Not only is that gap large, our family CO2 emissions just increased with our new child! How can I call myself a climate hawk when my carbon footprint just grew? I'm a pragmatist and temporary setbacks are often a part of making forward progress.

Speaking of temporary setbacks, here's one. The 2010 state and federal elections are seen by many as a blow to the environmental movement. Susana Martinez, who received many campaign contributions from fossil fuel companies, was elected governor of New Mexico. Governor Martinez has made her intentions towards environmental safeguards clear with her appointments and statements. New Mexico isn't unique as other 'pro-business' * public servants were elected in other states. Is this a frustrating step backwards? Yes. Is this the end of environmental protections and carbon reduction? Not even close.

Update: The world of politics is nearly foreign to me, but rarely boring. For example: Harrison Schmitt has withdrawn his nomination for the Secretary of the NM Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Dept.

What is a pragmatic, climate-hawkish, eco-Daddyo to do? Besides not settling for the status quo, I'll vote for eco-literate public servants whenever possible. I'll also keep chipping away at the family's carbon footprint wherever I can. Do incremental improvements in energy efficiency make a difference? Yes, small steps make ... small differences. So, I must take many small steps to equal a larger improvement. While I would love to neutralize my carbon footprint all at once, I know that will take many changes both large and small.

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