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The Town Of Asbestos, Quebec, Chooses A New, Less Hazardous Name

Tue, 2020/10/20 - 12:07pm

The former mining town has watched its name transform from an asset in the late 1800s to a liability in recent decades. Residents voted to change the name to Val-des-Sources, or valley of the springs.

(Image credit: Eric Thomas/AFP via Getty Images)

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Climate Change Is A Top Campaign Issue — At Least For Democrats

Tue, 2020/10/20 - 2:13am

Former Vice President Biden says tackling climate change is all about creating jobs. We examine his ambitious plans to make the U.S. economy carbon neutral and challenges he would face as president.

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Study: Plastic Baby Bottles Shed Microplastics When Heated. Should You Be Worried?

Mon, 2020/10/19 - 2:46pm

The implications for a child's health are not yet known. The study's authors urge people not to panic — and stress the need for more research.

(Image credit: Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

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Wildfires Jeopardize Access To Drinking Water

Mon, 2020/10/19 - 12:58pm

This summer's record-breaking wildfires have reduced some forests to burnt trees and heaps of ash. In towns, the ash could clog pipes and cause problems with drinking water systems for years.

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What Would A 2nd Trump Term Mean For The Environment?

Mon, 2020/10/19 - 2:05am

President Trump touts his success at boosting fossil fuels and rolling back climate rules. But he's faced setbacks in court and pushback from states and industry.

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Undisclosed: Most Homebuyers And Renters Aren't Warned About Flood Or Wildfire Risk

Sun, 2020/10/18 - 6:00am

Wildfires and floods threaten tens of millions of properties in the U.S. But most Americans get little or no information about climate risks when they move.

(Image credit: Ryan Kellman/NPR)

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Fighting Climate Change, One Building At A Time

Sun, 2020/10/18 - 4:47am

To end climate change, millions of homes will have to stop heating with fossil fuels. It's possible, and can even save money. Entrepreneur Donnel Baird is trying to make it happen.

(Image credit: Dan Charles/NPR)

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Appalachian Town Must 'Wait And Wait' As Pandemic Puts Plastics Plant On Hold

Sat, 2020/10/17 - 4:00am

For a decade, growing American gas production has fueled a petrochemical boom. There are big plans for more plants in Appalachia, but the pandemic — and an oversupply of plastics — may crush them.

(Image credit: Reid Frazier/The Allegheny Front)

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'Timber Wars' Podcast To Look At Cultural Divide Over How To Manage Forests

Fri, 2020/10/16 - 1:07pm

NPR's Ailsa Chang talks with Aaron Scott of Oregon Public Broadcasting about his new podcast, Timber Wars, which deals with the origins of the debate over how U.S. forests are managed.

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How Americans Feel About Climate Change And Disasters That Affect The U.S.

Fri, 2020/10/16 - 1:07pm

As climate disasters grow in the U.S., NPR talks with people around the country about how they are feeling — both during this moment and about the future.

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From Health Care To The Economy: Where Trump And Biden Stand

Fri, 2020/10/16 - 5:09am

NPR Politics has pulled out the major party presidential candidates' plans on key issues facing the country. Read our guide to their policies.

(Image credit: Caroline Amenabar/NPR; CDC, Scott Andress, Mitchell Shaprio Photography, Wil Taylor, Joe Hall, Rey Perezoso, U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Russell Gilchrest, The U.S. Army/Flickr)

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Trump's And Biden's Plans For The Environment

Fri, 2020/10/16 - 5:00am

Here's how the environmental priorities of the Republican president and his Democratic challenger compare.

(Image credit: Caroline Amenabar/NPR; Mitchell Shapiro Photography/Flickr; John Starnes/Flickr)

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Is The Risk Of Sea Level Rise Affecting Florida Home Prices? A New Study Says Yes

Thu, 2020/10/15 - 4:21pm

Research published this week finds that home sales volume and prices have declined in coastal census tracts vulnerable to sea level rise, relative to coastal areas less threatened by climate change.

(Image credit: Rhona Wise/AFP via Getty Images)

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What Are The Presidential Candidates' Views On Climate Change?

Thu, 2020/10/15 - 1:06pm

The contrast between President Trump's and Joe Biden's views is obvious when it comes to climate change. Biden has an ambitious plan to reduce emissions, while Trump has tried to boost fossil fuels.

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What Is The Future Of The Oil Industry?

Wed, 2020/10/14 - 1:01pm

It's a pivotal moment for the oil industry. With a pandemic-induced demand crash, the uncertainty about the long-term prospects for gas is growing. Forecasts chart divergent paths for the future.

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Reuters Reporter On The Rise Of Single-Use Plastic During The Pandemic

Mon, 2020/10/12 - 1:03pm

NPR's Ailsa Chang talks with Joe Brock of Reuters about an investigation into the rise of single-use plastic in the pandemic and the oil companies' massive investments into global plastic production.

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Medical Residents Learn To Treat The Growing Health Hazards Of Climate Change

Mon, 2020/10/12 - 2:01am

From heat-related illness to mosquito-borne infections, physicians are seeing the effects of a warming planet in the exam room. There's a growing push to teach doctors-in-training how to respond.

(Image credit: Chelsea Beck for NPR)

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COVID-19 Is Turning The Fashion Industry On Its Head

Sun, 2020/10/11 - 4:52am

The pandemic has major repercussions for the world of fashion. That could be a good thing because fast fashion can be ecologically devastating.

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COVID-19 Stalks A Montana Town Already Grappling With Asbestos Disease

Sun, 2020/10/11 - 2:01am

In Libby, Mont., an estimated 1 in 10 have an asbestos-related illness, after decades of pollution from a now-shuttered mine. With lungs already scarred, many fear contracting the coronavirus.

(Image credit: Nate Hegyi / Mountain West News Bureau)

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Cleanup Begins After Hurricane Delta Pummels Louisiana

Sat, 2020/10/10 - 2:15pm

People in south Louisiana are cleaning up after another hurricane walloped the state. Delta hit with 100-mph winds. More than a half-million homes and businesses are without power.

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