Stuck in the Middle With Utah

Stuck in the Middle - Stealers Wheel album cover

New Mexico is stuck in the middle, tied for 25th place with Utah, in the ACEEE 2008 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. States were rated on eight factors including: Utility and Public Benefits Efficiency Programs and Policies, Transportation, Building Codes, Heat and Power, and Appliance Standards among others. Unfortunately, New Mexico's score of 15 points falls well behind California's score of 50!

You can view the Scorecard Executive Summary here, but the Full Report will cost you $30. Many of the factors cited in this report are heavily influenced by state and local regulations and incentives. The environment and energy efficiency are something to keep in mind the next time you go to vote. Your choice of candidate and decisions on environmental legislation make a difference.

Until then ... Here I am, stuck in the middle (between Colorado and Utah).

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Stuck in the Middle