On the Trail with the Lost Bus

Winsor Trail Work Crew

This Saturday I met up with the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society, the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe and the Lost Bus Boys for a maintenance work day on the Winsor Trail. The Winsor Trail is a well-loved and heavily-used trail in the National Forest just above Santa Fe, NM.

Ably led by USFS staff, our group repaired a section of the Winsor that has been adopted by the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society and fixed many trail ruts and drainage problems. We had a great time and repaired several hundred yards of trail in just a few hours.

Our local mountain biking and trail club members were joined by three young men on a year-long tour of service. Ben, Derek and Chad are the LOST (Lending our Service Traveling) Bus crew and they added their strength and rapidly growing experience to the trail work. The Lost Bus guys are life-long friends from Holland, MI who have dedicated a year (or more) of their lives to traveling the United States serving others and the environment. I am greatly impressed with their energy, enthusiasm and hard work.

If the Lost Bus Boys come through your part of the country let them know how they can help your community. They will be happy to lend a hand. If you can, donate a few dollars to keep the Lost Bus rolling and serving the communities and people Ben, Derk and Chad meet on their journey.

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