Why I Garden #16

Squash Blossoms and Honey Bee after the rain

The monsoon rains have been coming pretty regularly and everything in the garden is growing with vim and vigor. I expect that the various squash and other vining plants will soon break out of their beds and overwhelm any slow moving bystanders. Of course that includes the weeds, but the fruit and veggies are keeping pace. My only worry is that I might miss pulling any of the insidious Siberian Elm (aka Chinese Elm) seedlings that are sprouting from any and everywhere.

I've also seen a few plants flowering in our yard for the first time ever including a Compass Plant (Silphium laciniatum) and Desert False Indigo (Amorpha fruticosa). It takes a year or two (or more) for some native perennials to establish, but once they do they are very hardy and reliable.

So, here's a toast to the monsoon rains and a happy garden, despite the weeds!

More Info:

Compass Plant blooming

North American Monsoon

Ulmus pumila L., - Siberian Elm

Silphium laciniatum - Compass Plant

Amorpha fruticosa - Desert False Indigo