Santa Fe River Tree Planting Day

Wild Earth Guardians Stream Team

What: Stream Team Santa Fe River Tree Planting Day
When: Saturday, April 5, 2008, 10am-3pm
Where: On the Santa Fe River near Santa Fe, NM

On Saturday, April 5th join with WildEarth Guardians' members, supporters and volunteers to become a Stream Team Activist by gathering pledges and planting trees for each pledge. These trees become restored streamside habitat for wildlife such as endangered Southwest Willow Flycatchers and beavers.

Why Do Rivers Need to Be Restored?
Southwest streams provide habitat for 75% of native plants and animals as well as abundant supplies of clean water that sustain us. Though streams and rivers represent a mere 1% of the landscape, they are critically important to entire ecosystems. Unfortunately, damaging activities have made Southwestern streams one of the most endangered ecosystems in North America. Waterways across the Southwest have been ravaged by livestock grazing for more than a century causing native vegetation to be stripped away, soil and stream bank erosion, and destroying once-lush streamside forests.

Directions to Santa Fe River Tree Planting Event:
Take Agua Fria west past Siler Road about 1/2 mile to Caja del Oro Grant road.
Turn right on Caja del Oro Grant Rd. cross the river and park.
The planting area is upstream of the bridge.

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