Fridge Archeology : Harnessing the Power Within ... My Refrigerator

Ok, I'm serious this time. After one too many times slamming the freezer door closed and hoping it stayed closed, I'm going to start using things. I was hunting for some frozen tidbit and noticed, like an archeological dig, the freezer has strata. Like the line of dark debris round the world formed after the Chicxulub asteroid impact, there is a definite line of demarcation in the freezer. Before I swore to label everything and after. The mysterious before labeling stuff is getting long in the tooth because "label things in the freezer" was my 2016 New Years resolution. A resolution I actually still practice with a dedication that surprises even me. As I dug for the aforementioned frozen tidbit, I pulled out several things that elicited an "Oh yeah..." reaction. Time to bring these wonders out.

First on the hit parade: homemade steamed brown bread! from 2016. It was from a Cook's Illustrated recipe, made two and how much brown bread do non-Pilgrims eat at a sitting, I ask you? The only problem with the excavation is creating a meal around the frozen gem. So, yes, I did make a large batch of Boston Baked Beans but I did use up the remnants of a small package of Lil' Smokies sausages and we've eaten about half already. I will surely freeze half the baked beans (in a properly labelled container), but how is this solving my problem? I vow to finish the baked beans the next time we break out the hot dogs.

I can already see the back of the freezer and how can this not spur my quest.

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Aftermath of the Chicxulub asteroid