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Mountain Bike donated to the Chainbreaker Collective

I just gave away a part of my history and I feel great. Often, I hang onto little things that remind me of my past. This was the first mountain bike I bought for myself and it's seen many miles and several crashes. Strangely enough, I didn't mind letting it go. Mostly because I know that it will live on in one or more 'new' bikes.

Many towns have a bicycle donation/recycling organization and the one here in Santa Fe is called the Chainbreaker Collective. The chainbreakers 'Work to expand access to affordable transportation and sustainable communities for working people in Santa Fe and surrounding areas.' Part of that work includes helping people build and repair bicycles to provide practical transportation around town. So, my old mountain bike may get an overhaul or the components could become part of several bicycles.

Not only have I reclaimed a bit of space in the garage, but I've sent a well-loved mountain bike on to a 'better place'. Don't worry, I still have three other bikes that get plenty of use. I did hang on to one memento though. I pulled a Girvin fork off the bike that I couldn't quite let go.

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