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Tent Camping in the Aspen Conifer Forest of Northern New Mexico

Get out of the house, away from town and Into the Woods! It's summertime and your tent and sleeping bag are crying out from neglect (well mine were anyway). My wife and I love camping but over-scheduling and other excuses get in the way much too often. Not this weekend!

We loaded up the tent, sleeping bags, hiking boots, flashlights and the rest of our gear. We traveled to a secluded spot in the forests of Northern New Mexico for a relaxing weekend away from the Internet, phones, television and modern hassles. We slept under thousands of stars, went mushroom hunting (with a detailed guide book), worked on identifying native plants, enjoyed a campfire and spending time with friends. As per usual, the weekend went by much too quickly.

Keep your camping trip simple: pack light, leave the electronics at home and bring a good book. Bring easy to prepare foods that can be grilled or don't need cooking. Try to pick a camp site that's an easy trip from home so you won't be exhausted by the time you get there. You may have a National Park, US Forest Service, State Park or other camp site within a few hours travel time from your home. If possible, you may want to go camping on a non-Holiday weekend for fewer crowds and a better choice of sites.

As always, have fun and enjoy "getting away from it all" if only for a weekend.

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