Flushed With Pride

Dual-flush Toilet Conversion Kit - installed

I've finished many efficiency-oriented, DIY projects around our house. Some projects, like insulation, are nearly invisible and some are quite simple, like weather stripping. But few are as subtle, yet a regular part of our daily lives as this one. I've just installed a dual-flush conversion kit into the most frequently used toilet in our home. It's not something we're likely to show off to the neighbors, but it will help reduce our household water use.

Thanks to the folks at EcoRenovator.org who sent me a dual-flush conversion kit for the price of shipping (FYI, it was a one-time offer and they don't sell plumbing parts). I downloaded the installation instructions from the manufacturer's website and went to work. Installation was straightforward, although I noticed a few things not mentioned in the direcions. First, I would suggest temporarily removing the float ball and arm (if your toilet has these) to simplify positioning the dual-flush device. Also, the plastic nut that holds the flush lever on the inside of the toilet tank is reverse-threaded (righty-loosey). I may need to replace the ballcock valve (water inlet) but that is only because the current valve is old and worn.

Once installed, the dual-flush conversion is unobtrusive and ridiculously easy to use. Push the one-drop button for #1 and press the two-drop button for #2. That's it. From here on out each #1 flush will use less water, a 30% reduction in overall water use by that toilet, according to the manufacturer. Given how simple this was I plan on installing a dual-flush toilet conversion kit in our other bathroom. We'll see if any of our guests notice this water saving change.

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