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Salvage Car ready for Auction

Our family listens to a lot of public radio and we even have three local stations to choose from. While I'm not a big fan of pledge drives, I understand the need for them. Recently, I've heard public radio (and TV) stations promoting Car Donation programs as another form of listener support. It just happens that we had an older car that was, ahem, 'fully depreciated' and worth almost nothing as a trade-in. So, we gave our old car to our local public radio station and 'recycled' it into a charitable donation.

Why did I donate our old car? It's simple: the car is twenty years old with 163K miles, it has a salvage title due to a minor accident (repair costs were higher than the retail value) and it's a two door hatchback which makes using a car seat very challenging. All of those factors added up to a car with little practical or monetary value to us. While I owned the car for many years I had no qualms about sending it along to parts unknown.

But, funny enough, I was able to track down our old hatchback to an auto auction company. On their website I can view our old car where it waits to be auctioned. The website even shows that the car was donated to a charity. In a few short days it will be sold and the proceeds will be donated to the local public radio station. In the meantime, I can window shop the other cars and trucks waiting to be sold to the highest bidder.

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