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The Field Lab - Fri, 2017/03/03 - 4:00pm

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A Dip In Global Prices Creates Cocoa Crisis For Ivory Coast's Farmers

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2017/03/03 - 2:50pm

Ivory coast is the world's largest cocoa producer. But a bumper crop combined with a fall in the global demand for chocolate and a dip in cocoa prices are hurting the country's cocoa farmers.

(Image credit: Alex Duval Smith for NPR)

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The Culprit In Rising Western U.S. Smog Levels: Asia

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2017/03/03 - 2:30pm

U.S. emissions of smog-forming pollutants have dropped, but smog levels in the western U.S. have increased each year. Now, researchers say, they've found out why — it's wafting from across the Pacific Ocean.

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How did the 20th century fur and skin trade impact Brazil's Amazon?

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/03/03 - 12:59pm

Scientists find that commercial hunting caused “basin-wide collapse” among aquatic species

Scientists have conducted what they call the first systematic, historical account of the impacts on wildlife in the Amazon basin of the 20th century international trade in furs and skins. The conclusion: “basin-wide population collapse” for aquatic species, but much greater resilience shown by terrestrial species.

The study focuses on four states in Brazil - Acre, Amazonas, Rondonia and Roraima - and draws on a wide range of historical records including those belonging to the Amazonas state government and the concession owner of the Manaus port. It was published in Science Advances in late 2016, but is reported now to mark UN World Wildlife Day. Here are 10 of the most fascinating - and sometimes horrifying - take-aways:

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'Just racist': EPA cuts will hit black and Hispanic communities the hardest

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/03/03 - 9:00am

Proposal would remove environmental justice office, tasked with bridging gap in pollution in black, Hispanic and low-income areas and wealthier white ones

Planned cuts at the Environmental Protection Agency are set to fall heaviest upon communities of color across the US that already suffer disproportionately from toxic pollution, green groups have warned.

Related: New EPA head Scott Pruitt's emails reveal close ties with fossil fuel interests

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Shell's climate film, air pollution and hedgehogs – green news roundup

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/03/03 - 8:47am

The week’s top environment news stories and green events. If you are not already receiving this roundup, sign up here to get the briefing delivered to your inbox

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Smog In Western U.S. Starts Out As Pollution In Asia, Researchers Say

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2017/03/03 - 8:21am

By tripling their emission of pollutants, Asian countries have contributed as much as 65 percent of a rise in ozone levels in the western U.S., scientists say.

(Image credit: Manish Swarup/AP)

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'We need development': Maldives switches focus from climate threat to mass tourism

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/03/03 - 7:27am

The new government plans to relocate residents to larger atolls – leaving small islands ripe for development. It says these super resorts, not solar power, will create the money needed to adapt to climate change

When Mohamed Nasheed, the young, first democratically elected president of the Maldives, said in 2008 that he was seeking to buy a new homeland to save his people from being inundated by rising sea levels, it made the country of 1,200 coral islands the moral leader in the UN climate talks and helped persuade rich countries to act.

This week the Maldives, under new president Abdulla Yameen, apparently changed environmental tack, saying that mass tourism and mega-developments rather than solar power and carbon neutrality would enable it to adapt itself to climate change and give its young population hope for the future.

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The week in wildlife – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/03/03 - 7:00am

Poison arrow frogs, a Steller sea lion and a chameleon are among this week’s pick of images from the natural world

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We shouldn't need food companies to tell us when to bin our bagged kale

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/03/03 - 4:38am

Industry action on ‘Best before’ labels in the US is welcome, but food waste will only fall when consumers use their senses

“Use by” labels on food in the US are to be simplified after the food industry agreed to restrict what can be put on packaging.

For decades confusion over the meaning of the words and dates on food packaging has been a leading cause of household food waste. The sheer variety of terms – best by, best before, sell by, use by, use or freeze by, to name a few – is boggling.

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Omega-3 oils could tackle damage caused by air pollution, research shows

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/03/03 - 3:57am

Exclusive New research indicates the benefits of eating omega-3 fatty acids, but also that pollution particles can penetrate the lungs into many organs, including testicles

Supplements of healthy fats could be an immediate way of cutting the harm caused to billions around the world by air pollution, according to emerging research.

However, the research also shows air pollution particles can penetrate through the lungs of lab animals into many major organs, including the brain and testicles. This raises the possibility that the health damage caused by toxic air is even greater than currently known.

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Send us your tips for reducing food packaging waste

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/03/03 - 1:46am

Guardian Cook is looking to source tips on keeping food packaging waste to a minimum. Share yours via GuardianWitness

For Cook’s green issue next week, we’re asking: how do you keep your use of food packaging to a minimum?

Related: Modern life is rubbish: we don't need all this packaging

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Fire hits Torrens power station as South Australia warned of further blackouts

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2017/03/03 - 1:25am

No power loss after blaze cuts three units from network but planned maintenance work may cause blackouts on weekend

A fire at a power station in Adelaide knocked out part of South Australia’s electricity generation capacity on Friday as the state faced the prospect of weekend blackouts because of planned maintenance work.

Three units at the Torrens Island power station were cut from the network at 3.35pm on Friday because of the blaze. The nearby Pelican Point power station also tripped at the same time but the incident did not result in blackouts.

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Laxton kites claw back their heritage

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/03/02 - 10:30pm

Laxton, Northamptonshire The red kite thrives, and surely there’s no other prodigal English species that brings such pleasure

Kites soar and circle above the small limestone village mentioned in the Domesday book but rebuilt a little over 200 years ago to a design by Humphry Repton. There is a substantial red kite roost near the village, and 40 of them bring the sky to life with their twists and turns, tails contorting and long wings clawing the air.

Related: Red kites exported after success of reintroduction programme in Britain

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Just as it gathers steam on coal, the Coalition is derailed by penalty rates | Katharine Murphy

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/03/02 - 8:47pm

A decision the government had months to prepare for wrong-foots Malcolm Turnbull as he was finally lifting his party’s post-election gloom

Malcolm Turnbull lost more than his voice this week, he washed up on the losing side of a critical political battle.

The Coalition came back from the summer with a simple political strategy: strand Labor uncomfortably on energy policy between its inner city progressive supporters and its traditional working base.

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'Clean coal', CCS and CSG will not save fossil fuels – their game is up | Ian Dunlop

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/03/02 - 7:32pm

As the Finkel review submission deadline arrives it’s time to accept the inevitable and fix the shambles that is our energy policy

Every few years the fossil fuel industry pressures politicians to force “clean coal”, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and more recently coal seam gas (CSG) on an increasingly sceptical community to justify its continued expansion.

This cycle started with the promotion of Adani’s massive Carmichael coalmine in Queensland, for coal export to India. The South Australian blackout followed last September when violent storms blew down transmission towers, prompting instant federal government accusations that excessive reliance on renewable energy was the cause, despite clear advice to the contrary. This also prompted a review of the energy system, led by Dr Alan Finkel, with final submissions due on Friday.

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Rick Perry Sworn In As Energy Secretary

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2017/03/02 - 6:41pm

The former Texas governor was confirmed Thursday by a 62-37 vote in the Senate. While running for president in 2011, Perry pledged to eliminate the department, but he says he's changed his mind.

(Image credit: Andrew Harnik/AP)

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look what the cat dragged in...

The Field Lab - Thu, 2017/03/02 - 5:52pm
A neighbor on the ranch brought in a baby bunny that was captured but not killed by her cousin's cat.  I think this is just the place to rehabilitate him.  60,72,47,0,B
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Public-owned Australian power grid could solve energy issues, paper argues

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/03/02 - 5:18pm

Economist says national electricity market has been crippled by design flaws and a failure to take climate change into account

Australia’s electricity woes could be solved through a unified and publicly owned national power grid, a discussion paper has said.

The paper authored by University of Queensland economist Prof John Quiggin says the creation of the national electricity market in the 1990s has failed to lower power prices and improve system reliability or environmental sustainability.

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World Wildlife Day photography competition finalists

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2017/03/02 - 5:05pm

Ten finalists capture the theme of ‘through young eyes’ in this young photographers’ competition that aims to engage youth around the world in wildlife conservation. The winner will be announced at noon EST in New York

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