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The EPA is proposing that 'forever chemicals' be considered hazardous substances

Fri, 2024/02/02 - 2:07am

A study by the U.S. Geological Survey found that the man-made chemicals are present in nearly half the country's tap water supply.

(Image credit: Joshua A. Bickel/AP)

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Need to track animals around the world? Tap into the 'spider-verse,' scientists say

Thu, 2024/02/01 - 3:31am

Spiderwebs can capture environmental DNA, or eDNA, from vertebrate animals in their area, potentially making them a useful tool in animal monitoring, tracking and conservation.

(Image credit: Rob Stothard/Getty Images)

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How mapping 'heat islands' can help cities prepare for extreme heat

Thu, 2024/02/01 - 3:31am

Oklahoma City and several other cities last year worked with NOAA to map neighborhoods to find out how heat impacts neighborhoods. The data can help cities prepare and adapt to a warmer world.

(Image credit: Britny Cordera/KOSU)

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A look from Maui six months after devastating wildfires

Wed, 2024/01/31 - 3:39pm

As we approach the six-month anniversary of the Maui fires, we look at the biggest issues that people on the island are still facing.

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Efforts to help East Coast forests being overrun by invasive vines

Tue, 2024/01/30 - 2:42pm

Invasive plants and insects are wreaking havoc on many of the nation's beloved parks. We visit parks in the D.C. area where vines are spreading fast and killing trees.

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Demand for minerals sparks fear of mining abuses on Indigenous peoples' lands

Mon, 2024/01/29 - 3:00am

There's a growing demand for minerals as the world ramps up manufacturing of climate solutions. Experts say more than half of these mining projects are on or near lands of Indigenous peoples.

(Image credit: Julia Simon/NPR)

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U.S. pauses build-out of natural gas export terminals to weigh climate impacts

Sat, 2024/01/27 - 3:30am

The Biden administration announced Friday it's temporarily freezing any new natural gas export facilities while the Department of Energy reviews the implications on climate change.

(Image credit: Halle Parker/WWNO/ Southwings)

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Energy secretary on the Biden administration's pause of future natural gas exports

Fri, 2024/01/26 - 2:56pm

NPR's Juana Summers speaks with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm about the Biden administration's decision to delay some key natural gas exports.

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'Hot droughts' are becoming more common in the arid West, new study finds

Fri, 2024/01/26 - 3:31am

Scientists looked at trees to better understand the interplay between temperatures and droughts in the Western U.S. Human-caused climate change is exacerbating both.

(Image credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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Demand for minerals sparks fear of mining abuses on Indigenous peoples' lands

Thu, 2024/01/25 - 2:44pm

Many deposits for minerals used in EV batteries and solar panels are on or near lands of Indigenous groups. Native communities worry about repeats of past mining abuses, but there may be solutions.

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Oregon jury awards $85 million to 9 victims of deadly 2020 wildfires

Wed, 2024/01/24 - 12:47pm

The verdict comes in a series of legal proceedings that are expected to put the utility PacifiCorp on the hook for billions of dollars over its liability for the blazes.

(Image credit: Mark Ylen/Albany Democrat-Herald via AP)

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White House announces funding to help schools replace buses with cleaner choices

Wed, 2024/01/24 - 3:13am

Electric school buses are expensive but federal dollars are helping school boards across the country switch out some old diesel buses for clean energy buses. Georgia will get $60 million in funding.

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