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Life off the grid in the SW Texas desert. An experiment in sustainable living. NUMBERS AT THE END OF EACH BLOG POST: temp at 8PM,high temp,low temp,rainfall,wind conditions(CalmBreezyWindyGusty). YouTube Channel Daily live streams at John Wells
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hissy fits...

Thu, 2020/11/05 - 2:14pm


It is no surprise that trump's behavior during the vote counting is far more immature than his behavior during his first campaign and throughout his term in office.  His numerous lawsuits are being thrown out by judges almost as fast as his lawyers have been filing them.  74,88,46,0,B  

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Wed, 2020/11/04 - 4:13pm

...meanwhile, Trump spent the day filing frivolous lawsuits...72,84,44,0,B

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fear for your future...

Tue, 2020/11/03 - 2:29pm


As usual...I don't watch any news reports during election day and will wait to see what our fate is tomorrow morning.  71,83,44,0,B

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With post election lawsuits looming...

Mon, 2020/11/02 - 3:55pm
Trump has claimed numerous times (without merit) that mail in voting is subject to widespread fraud and has repeated over and over again that he plans on litigating election returns he deems "unfair" (i.e., if he loses) - and his minions have already tried to suppress votes in Texas and Nevada.  Today, a conservative federal judge rejected an effort by Republicans to invalidate more than 100,000 ballots cast at drive-thru voting location in Democratic-leaning Harris County, Texas, in a case that has been closely watched because of its potential to affect the presidential race.  A Nevada judge on Monday rejected yet another frivolous lawsuit filed by Trump's re-election campaign which sought to halt the counting of early ballots collected in Clark County, stating that the plaintiffs failed to produce any evidence that support their claims that election officials were violating state law.  Regardless of the outcome of the election, Trump is buoyed only by an army of lawyers and his private heavily armed militia of ignoramuses - home grown domestic terrorists with misplaced patriotism known as "Vanilla ISIS" or "Y'All Qaeda".  72,80,56,0,B
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Trump and God...

Sun, 2020/11/01 - 2:54pm
“I am not sure I have,” Trump said when asked if he’d ever asked God for forgiveness. “I just go on and try to do a better job from there. I don’t think so,” he said. “I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t.”  James 4: 10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up. 
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Pandemic Saturday

Sat, 2020/10/31 - 12:07pm


Medical groups are slamming trump for resurfacing (yet another) baseless conspiracy on campaign stops that doctors are inflating the number of COVID-19 deaths in the USA in order to drive up profits during the pandemic.  How much lower can this man go...?

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time for some new reading glasses...

Fri, 2020/10/30 - 3:14pm



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vent light...

Thu, 2020/10/29 - 3:49pm



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