Australia scrubbed from UN climate change report after government intervention

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/05/26 - 1:07pm

Exclusive: All mentions of Australia were removed from the final version of a Unesco report on climate change and world heritage sites after the Australian government objected on the grounds it could impact on tourism

Revealed: Guardian Australia has obtained the Unesco report Australia didn’t want the world to see. Read it now

Every reference to Australia was scrubbed from the final version of a major UN report on climate change after the Australian government intervened, objecting that the information could harm tourism.

Guardian Australia can reveal the report “World Heritage and Tourism in a Changing Climate”, which Unesco jointly published with the United Nations environment program and the Union of Concerned Scientists on Friday, initially had a key chapter on the Great Barrier Reef, as well as small sections on Kakadu and the Tasmanian forests.

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Shell says it will limit solar investment until it proves profitable

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/05/26 - 11:35am

Chief executive Ben van Beurden tells shareholders the firm wants to gradually increase its operations in clean energy

Shell will avoid investing too heavily in solar or other technologies until they can make financial profits, its chief executive has said.

Ben van Beurden told a meeting of shareholders in London that the oil company was already established in windfarms, a carbon capture plant, and wanted to gradually increase its operations in clean energy.

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Statue of Liberty and Venice among sites at risk from climate change, says UN

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/05/26 - 10:14am

‘Urgent and clear need’ to limit temperature rises to protect key sites from warming, rising seas and harsher weather

Climate change now poses the single biggest threat to the world’s most famous heritage sites – including the Galápagos islands, the Statue of Liberty, Easter Island and Venice – according to a UN sponsored report.

Related: Ikea and Nestle call for new EU laws to cut truck emissions

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Oil price rises above $50 a barrel

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/05/26 - 9:58am

Data suggests global glut is easing due to fall in US output and supply disruption in Canada, Libya and Nigeria

Oil prices have broken through the $50 per barrel mark for the first time in almost seven months after storage figures suggested that the glut in global crude supplies was easing. Many analysts have predicted that the recovery, which will help the North Sea oil industry and could steady the global economy but hurt motorists through higher petrol costs, could be short-lived.

The price of Brent crude edged up 0.9% to $50.2 a barrel, boosted by data from the US government showing a sharper than expected fall in crude stocks last week, and it later fell back slightly.

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Dong Energy IPO to value windfarm operator at £11bn

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/05/26 - 9:42am

Danish firm that is major investor in UK offshore windfarms expects to sell up to 17% of shares in year’s biggest float so far

Danish-based Dong Energy, a major investor in British offshore windfarms, is heading for the world’s biggest stock market flotation so far this year with a price tag for the entire business of 106.5bn kroner (£11bn).

The group, which has been a flag carrier for companies moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy, expects to sell up to 17% of its shares, each priced between 200 and 255 kroner.

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On The Trail Of The Wily Wild Hog

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2016/05/26 - 9:40am

These descendants of wild boars were brought over from Europe decades ago. They're highly invasive and hugely destructive — threatening native bears and deer in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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Sadiq Khan joins air pollution court case against UK government

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/05/26 - 8:24am

Mayor of London will submit statement and evidence in high court case brought by ClientEarth on the air pollution crisis in the capital

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has joined a high court challenge against the government over its air pollution plans, overturning the position of his predecessor, Boris Johnson. Khan filed legal documents on Thursday and can now submit a witness statement and evidence to the court on the air pollution crisis in the capital.

Environmental lawyers ClientEarth are suing the government for the second time in a year, having won a case at the supreme court in 2015 which ordered ministers to fulfil their legal duty to cut pollution in “the shortest time possible”. The new case argues the government is still failing to do this.

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French minister warns of mass climate change migration if world doesn't act

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/05/26 - 8:20am

Hundreds of millions of people could be displaced by the end of the century due to conflict caused by global warming, says Ségolène Royal

Global warming will create hundreds of millions of climate change migrants by the end of the century if governments do not act, France’s environment minister has warned.

Ségolène Royal told ministers from 170 countries at the UN environment assembly in Nairobi that climate change was linked to conflicts, which in turned caused migration.

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Thailand closes dive sites over coral bleaching crisis

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/05/26 - 6:11am

In a rare move to shun tourism profits for environmental protection, 10 popular dive sites have been shut down in a bid to slow a coral bleaching crisis

Thailand has shut down 10 popular diving sites in a bid to slow a coral bleaching crisis, an official said Thursday, in a rare move to shun tourism profits to protect the environment.

The tropical country’s southern coastline and string of islands are home to some of the world’s most prized white sand beaches and scuba sites, and the booming tourism industry props up Thailand’s lagging economy.

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Ikea and Nestle call for new EU laws to cut truck emissions

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/05/26 - 5:19am

Increase fuel efficiency of heavy good vehicles that cause a quarter of Europe’s traffic carbon emissions to meet climate targets, says clean corporate alliance

An alliance of companies including Ikea, Nestle and Heathrow airport have called on the EU to pass new laws cutting truck emissions within two years, to meet promises made at the Paris climate conference.

Heavy duty vehicles make up less than 5% of Europe’s road traffic but chug out a quarter of the sector’s carbon emissions – more than airplanes – and their fuel efficiency has hardly changed in two decades.

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Niger Delta Avengers militants shut down Chevron oil facility

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/05/26 - 5:14am

String of attacks by group – who claim to fight for environment and local people – have pushed down Nigeria’s oil output

Members of the Nigerian militant group the Niger Delta Avengers have shut down facilities owned by one of the world’s biggest oil companies.

People living near Chevron’s Escravos terminal in the oil-rich southern Nigerian region of the Niger delta reported hearing a loud blast during the night. Chevron confirmed on Thursday morning that the attack, which was on its main electricity power line, had shut down all its onshore activities.

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Donald Trump wants to build a wall – to save his golf course from global warming | Dana Nuccitelli

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/05/26 - 3:00am

On climate change, is Trump uninformed, or playing his voters?

Donald Trump has consistently expressed his conspiratorial and misinformed beliefs that global warming is a hoax.

Ice storm rolls from Texas to Tennessee - I'm in Los Angeles and it's freezing. Global warming is a total, and very expensive, hoax!

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Linc Energy's former CEO ordered to clean up Hopeland site

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2016/05/26 - 1:49am

Environmental protection order the first use of Queensland’s new chain-of-responsibility laws

An environmental protection order has been issued against Linc Energy’s former chief executive Peter Bond.

It is the first time the Queensland government’s new chain-of-responsibility laws have been put into use and comes after creditors on Monday unanimously voted to place Linc into liquidation.

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Coalition's Queensland dam bonanza 'threatens Great Barrier Reef'

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2016/05/25 - 9:31pm

Malcolm Turnbull’s $150m pledge to boost agriculture in northern Australia comes under fire from conservationists

Malcolm Turnbull has promised to spend $150m on dams in Queensland as part of a plan to double the agricultural output of northern Australia – but which would dump thousands of tonnes of pollution on the Great Barrier Reef, according to conservationists.

The prime minister committed $130m to one dam near Rockhampton and a further $20m to feasibility studies for 14 others across the state.

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Our democracy has been bought. To win on climate, we have to take it back | Christine Milne

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2016/05/25 - 7:41pm

A majority of voters are in support of more government action on climate change – and yet somehow it’s not an election issue. Let’s make it one

The current dissonance between election campaign rhetoric and the facts of climate change is unfathomable, that is, until you dig a little deeper.

This month, the world passed a disastrous tipping point from which there will be no return: the Cape Grim Air Quality Monitoring Station registered a count of 400 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere. Climate scientists have acknowledged that there is basically no going back from this point. We are in a climate emergency.

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Will London Stock Exchange bar firm over Amazon deforestation?

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2016/05/25 - 6:53pm

Civil society organizations and Peru government institutions say United Cacao is operating illegally, but the company denies it

Two indigenous Shipibo men from Peru’s Amazon - Sedequías Ancón Chávez and Robert Guimaraes Vasquez - paid a rare visit to the London Stock Exchange (LSE) earlier this month. The reason? To present a letter addressed to Marcus Stuttard, Claire Dorrian and Umerah Akram from the LSE’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) urging AIM to investigate, suspend and bar a company called United Cacao Limited SEZC - as well as amend its rules and “exact more active oversight” in general.

“The nature of the crimes which the company stands accused are an important matter for AIM to address,” the letter states. “Allowing companies listed on AIM to raise capital to violate other countries’ national laws jeopardizes the “integrity and reputation” of the market, which is grounds for suspension of a company’s trading, according to AIM Rules.”

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Do you care about animals? Then you really shouldn't eat octopus | Elle Hunt

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2016/05/25 - 6:12pm

They may be delicious and sure, there are lots of them, but next time you’re chomping down on your barbecued octopus, just remember they were the first intelligent beings on Earth and have more genes than you do

When Inky the octopus made global headlines for his eight-legged getaway from a New Zealand aquarium, I seemed to be the only person on the internet whose imagination was not caught up in his “great escape”.

Chalk it up to tall poppy syndrome. But Inky’s “daring” (ABC) pursuit of “liberty over security” (NPR) was no more “amazing” (the Telegraph) a feat than that which any no-name captivity octopus, anywhere in the world, is capable of any day.

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Australia's dirtiest power station may be closed or sold, French owner says

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2016/05/25 - 4:04pm

Engie tells French senate committee that it plans to withdraw from coal-fired power generation and is looking at possible shutdown of Victoria’s Hazelwood power station

The Hazelwood coal-fired power plant in Victoria may be closed or sold by its owner, French utility Engie, as part of its move away from operating any coal-fired plants, the company said on Wednesday.

Engie’s chief executive, Isabelle Kocher, told a French senate committee on Wednesday that the utility planned a gradual withdrawal from coal-fired power generation in the coming years and that following the sale announced earlier this year of two plants in Indonesia and India the share of coal in its energy mix would fall to about 10% from 15%.

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Exxon Mobil, Chevron Shareholders Reject Resolutions Aimed At Battling Climate Change

NPR News - Environment - Wed, 2016/05/25 - 2:01pm

But shareholders at Exxon Mobil approved one resolution that could make it easier to one day nominate an environmentalist to the board.

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Wild flower meadows burst into life

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2016/05/25 - 1:30pm

A late spring has brought meadow plants alive in May, but Britain’s natural grassland is continuing to disappear

A late spring led to a big burst of wild flowers this month, but of all the native wild flowers how many green-winged orchid, oxlip, dyer’s greenweed and meadow clary have been seen?

These are all meadow plants and they are becoming rare. The green-winged orchid is, despite its name, mostly pink or purple but with delicate green veins. Dyer’s greenweed is a shrubby plant, a great food plant for moths and like its names suggests was once used as a very good dye, especially for wool. Meadow clary has striking deep blue flowers, and the name “clary” came from “clear-eye” because the plant seeds were used as a paste to soothe and cleanse sore eyes.

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