New UK nuclear funding model could leave taxpayers liable

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2019/07/14 - 6:10am

Ministers are expected to announce plans to bolster nuclear industry this week

The government will set out plans to resuscitate the UK’s struggling nuclear ambitions with a new scheme which would leave taxpayers liable for rising costs or delays.

The funding model, expected this week, could help bankroll the multibillion pound plans for a follow-on to EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point C project in Somerset, which ministers aim to build at the Sizewell site in Suffolk.

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Federal Clampdown On Burning Man Imperils Festival's Free Spirit Ethos, Say Burners

NPR News - Environment - Sun, 2019/07/14 - 4:01am

As the Bureau of Land Management tightens its grip on the annual gathering's population growth at Nevada's Black Rock desert, a freewheeling community finds its core identity under threat.

(Image credit: Laura Beltrán Villamizar/NPR)

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Permafrost thaw sparks fear of 'gold rush' for mammoth ivory

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2019/07/14 - 2:43am

Prospectors in Russia dig up remains of extinct animals for trade worth an estimated £40m a year

Activists and officials in northern Russia have warned of a “gold rush” for mammoth ivory as prospectors dig up tusks and other woolly mammoth remains that can net a small fortune on the rapacious Chinese market.

Melting permafrost from global heating has made it easier for locals to retrieve the remains of woolly mammoths, which have been extinct for thousands of years, and sell them on to China, where the ivory is fashioned into jewellery, trinkets, knives, and other decorations.

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Corbyn pledges Labour transparency on UK carbon footprint

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2019/07/13 - 10:30pm
Labour in power would change law to reveal imported emissions and ‘carbon leakage’

The UK will stop hiding its “true impact” on the climate by revealing its consumption of carbon emissions from across the world, Jeremy Corbyn was due to pledge on Sunday.

In an attempt to place his party at the forefront of the battle against the climate crisis, the Labour leader was due to say, is “even greater than we think” and demands an end to “passing the buck to poorer countries”.

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'Just a matter of when': the $20bn plan to power Singapore with Australian solar

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2019/07/13 - 6:52pm

Ambitious export plan could generate billions and make Australia the centre of low-cost energy in a future zero-carbon world

The desert outside Tennant Creek, deep in the Northern Territory, is not the most obvious place to build and transmit Singapore’s future electricity supply. Though few in the southern states are yet to take notice, a group of Australian developers are betting that will change.

If they are right, it could have far-reaching consequences for Australia’s energy industry and what the country sells to the world.

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'Do not drop your guard': Tropical Storm Barry threatens heavy rain after landfall

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2019/07/13 - 2:37pm
  • New Orleans residents told to seek shelter as 50,000 lose power
  • NHC director details ‘amazing amount of moisture’

Carrying “off the chart” amounts of moisture, Barry crawled ashore on Saturday in Louisiana at hurricane strength. It quickly weakened back to a tropical storm but it promised heavy rains that could last for days, testing flood-prevention systems built after Hurricane Katrina.

Officials warned that the storm could still cause disastrous flooding across a wide stretch of the Gulf coast.

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Slow-Moving Tropical Storm Stunts Louisiana Disaster Plans

NPR News - Environment - Sat, 2019/07/13 - 2:12pm

Heavy rains from Tropical Storm Barry are expected from Florida to Louisiana as the eye of the disorganized storm moves onto land. Flooding is the big concern.

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Climate Change Fuels Wetter Storms — Storms Like Barry

NPR News - Environment - Sat, 2019/07/13 - 9:02am

The water in the Gulf of Mexico is hot and the Mississippi River is high. That could spell disaster for Louisiana.

(Image credit: Matthew Hinton/AP)

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Extinction Rebellion kick off weekend of protest with Dalston blockade

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2019/07/13 - 9:00am

Other events included mass bike ride through A10, Olympic park traffic blocks as well as talks and panels in London Fields

Extinction Rebellion has staged a blockade in Dalston, east London, disrupting traffic at its busiest central junction. Car horns, sirens and swearing competed with drumming protesters, singing and hula dancing. On Saturday the group kicked off a weekend of activity ahead of its summer uprising this week, which aims to disrupt five major UK cities and shock people into action against the climate crisis.

About 50 protesters lined the road with banners reading “thank you for your patience” and “sorry for the disruption” in the hope of placating the public for the seven-minute intervals during which they blocked traffic. Some drivers were bored, others were furious.

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Battle for clean air is sending our gardens to new heights

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2019/07/13 - 6:00am
More living walls are being created in cities to tackle pollution, but keeping them alive can be a major challenge

When Andrea Carnevali’s son started at St Mary’s Catholic primary school in Chiswick he was alarmed to find that pupils were sometimes kept indoors at break times, despite a large playground.

The reason was the nearby six-lane A4 road, which has up to 100,000 vehicles thundering past the school each day. As evidence mounted about the impact of poor air quality on children’s health, the headteacher restricted time outside.

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Has Your Doctor Talked To You About Climate Change?

NPR News - Environment - Sat, 2019/07/13 - 5:26am

Some physicians say connecting environmental effects of climate change — heat waves, more pollen and longer allergy seasons — to the health consequences helps them better care for patients.

(Image credit: Jesse Costa/WBUR)

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‘It’s our problem’: Brazilian drama brings Amazon rainforest battle to screen

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2019/07/13 - 1:01am

Aruanas aims to make the environment an ‘everyday topic’ at a time when politics is dominated by the interests of agribusiness

Deep in the Brazilian Amazon, an environmental activist meets with a journalist who warns that a mining company is responsible for a looming environmental disaster. “People are already getting sick,” he warns, before promising to bring her documentary proof the next day.

But in the jungle, someone is watching. Driving to their next meeting, the activist hears a phone ringing in the back of her car. She opens the trunk – and finds the journalist’s dead body.

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New Orleans Residents Anxious As Tropical Storm Barry Heads Toward Them

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2019/07/12 - 1:08pm

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with New Orleans resident Rachel Jordan about fears of rain due to hit this weekend. Her family went through Hurricane Katrina and fears how vulnerable they still are.

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Louisiana Residents Try To Find The Best Way To Stay Safe In Tropical Storm Barry

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2019/07/12 - 1:08pm

The rain and flooding from Tropical Storm Barry are the biggest threat to Louisiana, particularly in the low-lying areas close to the coast. Evacuations are in place and people are concerned.

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Trump administration to approve pesticide that may harm bees

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2019/07/12 - 11:07am

EPA said studies it considered, most of which were sponsored by industry, found sulfoxaflor isn’t dangerous for the pollinators

The Trump administration is approving the pesticide sulfoxaflor – thought by some experts to harm bees – for use on a wide variety of crops.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says the studies it considered, most of which were sponsored by industry, found the chemical is not dangerous for the pollinators responsible for $15bn in US crops each year.

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The week in wildlife – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2019/07/12 - 10:11am

This week: Hungary’s insect of 2019, and bluehead wrasse courtship and sex change

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Extinction Rebellion protesters appear in court in London

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2019/07/12 - 10:04am

More than 30 activists have been charged with a range of public order offences

More than 30 Extinction Rebellion protesters have appeared in court in London charged with a range of public order offences.

The charges relate to demonstrations led by the movement in April – when thousands of people blocked landmarks across the capital over 10 days to highlight climate breakdown.

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Billions of air pollution particles found in hearts of city dwellers

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2019/07/12 - 9:00am

Exclusive: Study shows associated damage to critical pumping muscles, even in children

The hearts of young city dwellers contain billions of toxic air pollution particles, research has revealed.

Even in the study’s youngest subject, who was three, damage could be seen in the cells of the organ’s critical pumping muscles that contained the tiny particles. The study suggests these iron-rich particles, produced by vehicles and industry, could be the underlying cause of the long-established statistical link between dirty air and heart disease.

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A Call For More Research On Cancer's Environmental Triggers

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2019/07/12 - 6:12am

Scientists are making progress in identifying environmental hazards that contribute to cancer. Researchers say many cases could be avoided if the work is accelerated.

(Image credit: Giles Clarke/Getty Images)

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Sahara was home to some of largest sea creatures, study finds

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2019/07/12 - 4:35am

Scientists reconstruct extinct species using fossils found in northern Mali from ancient seaway

Some of the biggest catfish and sea snakes to ever exist lived in what is today the Sahara desert, according to a new paper that contains the first reconstructions of extinct aquatic species from the ancient Trans-Saharan Seaway.

The sea was 50 metres deep and once covered 3,000sq km of what is now the world’s biggest sand desert. The marine sediment it left behind is filled with fossils, which allowed thescientists who published the study to build up a picture of a region that teemed with life.

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